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Colonel Raúl Mera VARGAS, FIDAE’s 2020 CEO, Sent a Message to Turkish Companies: “At a local level, specifically in Chile, there are huge possibilities of doing business with Turkish companies.”


FIDAE 2018 attracted many exhibitors and visitors around the world.

You can read the Interview published in the 79th Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:

The International Air and Space Fair FIDAE, is among the foremost aerospace, defence and security exhibition of America, which nowadays has worldwide recognition due to its long and successful career, and currently it is a leader in the region.The 2020 edition of FIDAE will be held from March 31st to April 5th, at the north side of Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, in Santiago, Chile. Colonel Raúl Mera Vargas, FIDAE’s 2020 CEO, informed readers of MSI TDR about ongoing preparations of the fair and the benefits that exhibitors and visitors will get from the fair.

How FIDAE 2020 will differ from previous editions? What are the improvements for the 2020 edition?

FIDAE’s twentieth-first edition will be relevant, no place to doubt, regarding its 40 years of trajectory, providing customized treatment to exhibitors, delegations, and visitors as our main virtue.

At FIDAE 2020, we emphasize in looking back at our origins -as a defense exhibition, enhancing simultaneously other important and historic areas such as space matters. In this context, we have set a Pavilion inside Hall A, aimed at companies, organizations, and institutions related to it.

Besides, FIDAE will hold the “Space Summit” conference, whose main purpose is to boost up this matter, turning FIDAE into a great knowledge interexchange platform between space technology and people. In addition, we included a 22 m (72.17 ft) diameter Space Dome, emulating an outer space experience, projecting audio-visual material to a giant screen, along with educational tours.

Another important fact is that FIDAE for the first time will have a press pavillion with its Media Partners inside the Hall A, having direct access to the Press Center and enabling visitors and exhibitors to find all media in one place.

What are your expectations for FIDAE 2020 in the number of exhibitors, number of visitors, number of VIP delegations, etc…?

In terms of exhibitors, we expect more than 500 companies from all over the world.  We have currently our fair venue almost sold out, a fact that expresses the interest of companies to attend FIDAE.

Likewise, FIDAE 2020 will be once again an important meeting place for armed forces at a local level.  During this edition, official delegations from many countries around the world have confirmed to attend with the aim of signing agreements with the main participants of the international market. To achieve this, FIDAE’s organizing-committee has arranged Armed forces authorities, mostly Latin-American, to visit the fair and make direct contact with global key-decision makers, placing FIDAE as a multi-sector event, since all participants are able to create business opportunities as well as professional developments in matters such as government, civil and military organizations.

Over 123.000 visitors attended our previous edition, including the professional and general public, who attended the air and commercial exhibition. 

Colonel Raúl Mera Vargas, FIDAE’s 2020 CEO

Which conferences are planned for FIDAE 2020?

One of FIDAE’s main features is being an integral fair, where exhibitors, delegations, and attendants face an event that fulfills each of their needs. Several high-quality conferences in which experts analyze aerospace, defense and security contingency and map different contexts out, turn FIDAE into a knowledge and debate pole concerning international-interest topics. Moreover, it makes it a great opportunity for creating business opportunities and scientific developments.

As a result, several conferences will be carried out at FIDAE 2020, such as; “FIDAE Space Summit”, composed by activities performed in a LARS framework; Space Conference; and the Space-Mining Conference. Along with the 18th Logistic Chiefs’ meeting, carried out by Fuerza Aérea de Chile’s (FACh) Logistics Command; the “Air Power” conference, carried out by FACh’s Strategy and Aerospace Studies Center’s Air Power (CEEA); “Space Law”, by the Aeronautic and Space Law Chilean-institute (IDAE); “Airport Commission”, by the Airport Commission (DAP); “Aerospace Medicine”, by FACH’s Aerospace Medicine Center (CMAE); the Latin-America’s meeting of aeronautic and space museums, organized by the Aeronautic and Space National Museum; the Science for Future’s conference (CONCIF), addressing the topic “Bioremediation”, conducted by the FACH’s Aeronautical Polytechnic Academy (APA); “Operational Security” seminar by the Civil Aeronautic’s General Management (DGAC) and the IATA “Wings of Change”, carried out by the International Air Transport Association.

Can you summarize the status of the ongoing Defense and Aerospace projects in Chile that involves Turkish Defense and Aerospace companies?

At a local level, specifically in Chile, there are huge possibilities of doing business with Turkish companies. A particular case is the Chilean Army that is currently negotiating a series of road-transport armored vehicles, turning motor-driven infantry regiments into mechanized units, which would imply great progress. For several years, this has been analyzed with the aim of improving the Chilean Land Force. Different international companies were interested in this, including the FNSS Defense Company, which at last FIDAE’s fair presented their PARS armored combat vehicle, another possibly new acquisition.

What are the opportunities for Turkish Defense and Aerospace companies in Chile? Can you name the ongoing programs and tenders?

Among Turkish companies placed in Chile, there is a space project that Chilean President Sebastián Piñera announced on June 1st, 2019’s state-of-the-nation message, which has to do with the country’s development in this area. Moreover, it will include the purchase and setting off of a modern satellite, which will work altogether with other devices, therefore, in up to 3 years, Chile will have not only one satellite -the Fasat-Charlie, which has already finished its lifetime-, but between six and ten of them both for civil and military usage. This ambitious plan will begin with its bidding, which means great opportunities for related-companies to be aware of our country’s business generation.

What are your expectations about Turkish participants?

There is no doubt at all that Turkey’s attendance is highly relevant for FIDAE. Up to today, we already count with 700 squaremeters (7534.74 sq ft) assigned to Turkish companies. Due to the great interest of Turkey for this exhibition, we are analyzing the possibility of counting with the Turkish-Pavilion, which would be located at the Fair’s G Hall. This confirms the significance that the Chilean exhibition has around the world, meaning a stable beginning for local business management.

Do you have a message for Turkish exhibitors and visitors?

We are enthusiastic to host Turkey in FIDAE to celebrate our forty years of trajectory, enhancing our fair as the main commercial platform of Latin America. Once again, the International Air and Space Fair, FIDAE, will be the 1st-class event, in accordance with exhibitors, delegations and visitors’ expectations.  In addition, FIDAE is organized by the Chilean Air Force and supported by the Chilean Government, turning FIDAE into a unique event.

On behalf of our readers, we would like to thank Colonel Raúl Mera Vargas, FIDAE’s 2020 CEO, for taking the time to answer our questions and for providing us with valuable information.

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