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Countdown in National Naval Cannon: Last Two Tests

by Aybars Meric

According to the development announced by the Ministry of National Defence (MND), through both its social media channels and official website on July 20, the 76/62 mm National Naval Cannon successfully completed its land tests and then was made ready for port and sea tests after its integration into TCG BEYKOZ (F-503).

National Naval Cannon will enter service after passing above mentioned two test phases. The cannon will be able to perform air defence, surface warfare and shore bombardment missions, as it can reach over 20 km with a fire rate of 80 rounds per minute.

National Naval Cannon was developed by Mechanical and Chemical Industries Corporation (MKE) and Istanbul Shipyard Command, under the design and performance responsibility of MND. The first firing test for the cannon was held successfully in December last year in Karapınar.

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