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DAMISE: The Inclusive Next-Generation Digital Platform for the Aviation, Space, Defence Industry, and Maritime Sectors

by Can Kılınç

Aviation, space, defence industry and maritime sectors are rapidly growing fields that contribute significantly to both national and international economies. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the efforts aimed at the development of these sectors are more efficient and yield positive impacts by encompassing all components of the industry. As a result of this responsibility, we are excited to introduce DAMISE, which we have brought to life to address the needs of our industry .

DAMISE, the platform that brings together local and global players in the aviation, space, defence industry and maritime sectors, is a digital platform aiming to contribute to the industry’s development by providing reliable data. With our next-generation digital platform, DAMISE, we aim to unite stakeholders, focusing on sector-specific needs, and work on topics such as Ecosystem, Academy, Innovality, Supplier Management System, and DAMISE Club, to provide effective solutions to the industry’s current challenges in the long run.

DAMISE Ecosystem Introduces You to an Unlimited Sectoral Network

The next-generation digital platform, DAMISE, offers the opportunity for national and international companies to create their own profiles and showcase their products and services. Companies can add self-descriptive content such as financial, sectoral, personnel, and reference information to their profile pages. As a result, users of the ecosystem can quickly access the information they need by conducting specific searches based on suppliers, sectors, products, services, certifications, documents, and other features. With its focus on maximum interaction, users can follow the companies they are interested in and receive notifications about updates shared by these companies on the platform.

DAMISE Ecosystem, as a sectoral showcase, is preparing to make a name for itself by developing with the presence of sector stakeholders who possess different talents and potentials, forming the strength of Türkiye. By providing companies with unlimited product showcasing and direct communication with brands, the ecosystem supports the digital structuring in the industry and stores information about the steps taken by companies on the platform in order to contribute to their corporate memory, supported by its technological infrastructure.

DAMISE Academy Offers Sectoral Training and Professional Development Opportunities

We value the ability of the industry to access accurate information from a single source in order to enhance the quality of indigenous production in Türkiye and support the presence of qualified sector workers. With this idea in mind, we are preparing to offer specialized training developed for the sectoral needs of professionals working in the aviation, space, defence industry, and maritime sectors through DAMISE Academy.

Comprehensive training programs developed by institutions, expert professionals, and mentors specifically for individuals operating in aviation, space, defence industry, and maritime sectors who aim to strengthen their skills will be provided. These programs will cover topics such as systems engineering, product and production processes, engineering drawings, and sector-specific investment incentives with the aim of improving the industry’s qualification. In addition to individual training, DAMISE Academy also offers corporate training. The training received by corporate employees will be recorded in the system as the company’s training record. Users who complete these trainings will be provided with personal and companyspecific achievement records, which will be showcased on both their individual and company profiles on the DAMISE platform and can be shared in different environments by the users. This way, the information will also be included in the company’s corporate memory for evaluation by departments such as quality and human resources.

DAMISE Academy will provide users with access to rich content covering all processes and operations specific to the sector, ranging from resource management to the final product, accreditation, and quality certification, in trainings developed and offered by national and international institutions. Users who receive training from the Academy will have the ability to share their achievements in their desired medium, and the documents and certificates listing these achievements will be viewable on the DAMISE platform as well.

DAMISE Inovalite Introduces the Sectoral Innovation Movement with Investors

Through DAMISE Inovalite, we aim to promote and introduce innovation-focused projects and disruptive ideas using an accurate classification methodology. Our goal is to connect these projects with investors and bring them to the industry. To address the challenges of researching and showcasing the impacts of technological innovations to be introduced to the sector, we provide Inovalite, which offers a platform containing information about these projects.

The platform enables investors and manufacturers to explore and share project information worldwide. It serves as a hub for various technology-oriented industrial projects, designs, and innovation initiatives developed by companies and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we aim to facilitate the commercialization and growth processes by facilitating the convergence of new generation projects focused on defence and security systems, automation and data analytics, space technologies and exploration projects, and green and sustainability-oriented hightech projects with relevant national and international firms.

Our works will promote the global market entry of indigenous and national projects, establish strong connections, facilitate technology transfer, increase employment in the sector, and contribute to the country’s economy by attracting global investments to new projects alongside the conversion of projects into investments.

DAMISE Supplier Management System Is Working to Bring Business Processes to International Standards

The criteria established by global brands operating in the sector for the development of their products and services shape the issues that sector suppliers should focus on in the global supply system. In the DAMISE Supplier Management System, which lists national and international sectoral criteria in accordance with globally accepted standards, regulations, and international agreements, brands will be able to view the criteria specific to their respective sectors. The questions asked in line with the determined topics related to the sector will enable the brand to analyse its competence in the respective sector. Based on the answers, suppliers will receive an evaluation score and have the opportunity to measure their position in the sector through the DAMISE Supplier Management System.

We believe that the system will present the documents and requirements needed by companies to enhance their prestige, collaborate with leading brands in the sector, and align their business processes with international standards. Suppliers, on the other hand, will be able to identify areas for improvement, based on the listed criteria specific to the determined sector.

DAMISE Club Is Getting Ready to Become the Meeting Point for Leaders Shaping the Future of the Industry

DAMISE Club; a sectoral community where professionals in the aviation, space, defence industry, and maritime sectors gather with their ideas, visions, and work is laying the foundation to contribute to sectoral development and transformation through its member professionals. The Club will consist of expert, managerial, directorial, consulting and executive members who can be considered as the intellectual capital of the industry.

As DAMISE Club, we will carry out activities that contribute to the national and international growth of the industry where members come together. In these events, hosting global participants, our members will identify the current problems of the sector, offer solution proposals, and work towards implementing the necessary actions for these solutions.

Most importantly, the DAMISE Club member professionals operating in the sector will become effective players in the transformation of the industry through our organizations. The Club will contribute to the sector through workshops focusing on solving sectoral problems, launch meetings showcasing products and services, social responsibility projects designed with a future vision and comprehensive reports that are the output of such organizations that take the industry forward.

Are You Ready for the DAMISE Journey?

When you start your work as an entrepreneur for the product you have developed through your R&D efforts, it means you are ready for your DAMISE journey. With the opportunities provided by Innovality, you can seize the opportunity to meet investors and evaluate your potential as a supplier in the aviation, space, defence industry, and maritime sectors. Through the Supplier Management System, you can ensure control over your efforts to meet the production standards required by local and global companies you aim to work with. Then, you can address any knowledge gaps in the industry by taking courses from the Academy for areas where you feel inadequate. With the Ecosystem, you can commercialize your developed products and services, increasing your earnings and brand visibility. Additionally, with DAMISE, you can expand your local and global network while showcasing your industry-contributing steps through the Index Management System, which evaluates them within global standards. At the end of your journey, as a member of DAMISE Club, which is aimed at providing effective solutions to the industry and aspiring to be Türkiye’s prominent community, you can have the opportunity to join the ranks of influential players in the sector.

To start your journey on DAMISE, the new generation digital platform that we believe will make a difference in the industry with its unique innovative and comprehensive structure, you can visit www.damise.com or contact us at info@damise.com

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