CARGO 150, FALCON AND CARGO 75: Special Purpose UAVs from DASAL

by MSI

DASAL, which is an affiliate company of ASELSAN and ALTINAY that provides solutions in UAVs, unveiled its CARGO 150 model for the first time. The company’s booth also hosted its wide product family, including CARGO 75, CARGO 15 and FALCON.

CARGO 150 has been developed for transporting critical supplies such as water, food, and ammunition to far away and hard to reach bases safely, reliably, and efficiently. The drone has a maximum payload capacity of 150 kg and a top speed around 100 kph, with an operational range of 40 km. The UAV can deliver its payload with a variety of methods if landing to its target is not possible, e.g., due to mission requirements or geographical situation.

FALCON, which was first showcased in 2019, was present in IDEF 2021 with its renewed design. The company updated the UAV in line with feedback from potential end users, increasing its payload capacity from 10 to 15 kg, operational range from 5 to 10 km, flight time from 25 to 30 minutes, and maximum take-off weight from 40 to 67 kg.

FALCON, armed with an assault rifle chambering 5.56x45mm rounds

FALCON was developed for providing aerial fire support and carries an assault rifle in a two-axis stabilised mount, with a 100 round magazine using standard 5.56x45mm rounds. The gun provides effective fire capabilities with Ballistic Optimisation and Control Unit (BOCU) integrated into the UAV. With its folding arms the vehicle can be carried on top of 4×4 vehicles in service and folding landing gear allows the UAV’s weapon to have a firing sector of 180 degrees. DASAL also developed another UAV based on this platform, named CARGO 15. The UAV can carry critical payloads up to 15 kg quickly and effectively.

Another product revealed to the public for the first time was firefighting version of CARGO 75. The UAV can help combat fires with its firefighting launchers and firefighting bombs with sensors. 24 of such bombs, also developed by DASAL, can be carried by the UAV. Said bombs explode above the fire, not in it, giving them a greater coverage. The UAV’s firefighting launchers launch extinguishing materials like dry chemicals or aerosols and the UAV is equipped with 32 of them, 16 on each side. The UAV can utilise its firefighting equipment until main firefighting teams arrive to control the spread. The system is capable of doing four sorties in the first critical 16 minutes near the fire’s origin, curbing the spread.

Firefighting version of CARGO 75 was showcased carrying firefighting bombs with sensors.

Onur Güzelmeriç, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, commented on their participation in the fair: “Even though our company has been founded in 2019 we were able to present plenty of products. We were able to achieve this with utilising ASELSAN’s and ALTINAY’s engineering skills. We are proud to present our products in our first showing in IDEF.”

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