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ARES Shipyard Presented ULAQ’s Renewed Design

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

ARES Shipyard presented the scale models of ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vessels, a joint development by the company and Meteksan Defence, at DIMDEX 2022 with their renewed designs. The showcased versions of the family were Port Security, Anti-Surface Warfare and Anti-Submarine Warfare. Another new development for ULAQ, 6×6 Mobile Coast Control Station was also presented in the fair.

The company also showcased various scale models of the vessels it developed for use in naval forces and coast guard, with these being the following:

  • ARES 65 OPV Offshore Patrol Vessel
  • ARES 85 HERCULES Fast Patrol Craft
  • ARES 25 FiFi Firefighting Vessel
  • ARES 125 FAMB Fast Attack Craft
  • ARES 80 SAT Special Operations Support & Fast Attack Craft

Utku Alanç, CEO at ARES Shipyard, shared the following on the company’s participation in the fair: “It has been 10 long years since we commenced projects to support the security forces and governmental institutions of our ally and friend Qatar. In these years, we have delivered 41 military, para-military, and commercial vessels to various governmental institutions of Qatar, including Ministry of the Interior, Coast Guard, Ministry of Transport and Communications and Qatar National Tourism Council. Qatar has been renewing itself every single day, while developing further. The country has a proactive approach to procurement as well, and we support these efforts with our specialty, surface vessels.

We aim to continue our activities in 2022 with two new projects in line with requirements of Ministry of the Interior of Qatar. In addition, we enjoyed heavy attention in the fair thanks to ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vessel family we jointly developed with Meteksan Defence. Of course, we wish to bring this game changer platform to our allies and friendly countries as much as they do. We already commenced our production efforts for Turkish Naval Forces Command and soon we will begin delivering our platforms for export as well, making ULAQ a worldwide brand.”

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