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Dorce Awarded the Ideas of Its Employees

by MSI

Dorce Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry Trade Inc. (Dorce), rewarded the creative ideas of its employees on new products and detailed solutions with the “I Have an Idea” competition organized for the first time this year. The ideas presented in the competition, which was held with the participation of the entire Dorce family were evaluated by the Dorce Executive Board and the competition committee. The company announced the development on 29 September.

In a ceremony held, the owners of the top 5 ideas in the competition were presented with awards and certificates of appreciation by Süheyla Çebi Karahan, Chairman of Dorce and Serhat Polatdemir, Committee Chairman. In addition, saplings were planted on behalf of the entire Dorce family, who participated in the competition and presented their ideas and allowed valuable ideas to flourish.

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