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Solutions for Housing Needs in Tough Conditions from Dorçe

by MSI

Dorçe, which provides turn-key solutions with modular prefabricate and mobile structures, presented its solutions aimed at military projects such as Integrated Field Hospitals, Military Life Support Camps and Mobile Container Towers in the fair. The key features of the company’s prominent solutions are as follows:

  • Integrated Field Hospitals: These field hospitals can be set up in just two hours and capable of providing a protected space for performing any and all kinds of surgeries. They are also able to be equipped with alarm, security and warning systems, heating and cooling systems and CCTV systems.
  • Military Life Support Camps: Dorçe constructs installations made of bulletproof materials in the military camp projects it undertakes, and these installations are able to protect inhabitants from mortar fire as well. The perimeter security of these installations is able to be further strengthened by security barriers and protection platforms as well.
  • Mobile Container Towers: These products are designed by the company to provide a quick and easy way to secure areas in places like forward bases. Dorçe underlines the fact that these towers can be set up by just one person under five minutes.
Open-Side ISO type Containers
  • Mobile Ballistic Shields: Portable armoured shields that offer protection to security forces in high-risk areas. Three of these shields can be combined together to form a Ballistic Battlefield Shield.
  • Open-Side ISO type Containers: Long products that may present difficulties when loading in standard shipping containers can be easily loaded to these containers that have their doors on the sides. As these containers have wide doors across each other, they are preferred in military applications that require quick loading and unloading.
Mobile Container Tower
Mobile Ballistic Shield

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