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DT Defence’s Solution Portfolio Expands with AMETEK’s TMS Group

by Buse Köse

DT Defence and Aviation Inc. which is the Turkish distributor of US based DIMO Corporation has added AMETEK’s TMS Group products to the solutions offered to their customers. TMS Group, which develops thermal management and motion control products, authorized DT Defence as distributor in Turkey effective of April 1.

DT Defence is currently the distributor of AMETEK’s PDS and SFMS Groups in Turkey due to its cooperation with AMETEK dating back to 2018. AMETEK PDS Group operates in the fields of actuators, power distribution systems and power generation systems and data collection systems. The SFMS Group on the other hand, operates in the field of sensor and fluid management system solutions.

The future goals of DT Defence and AMATEK collaboration include high value-added products and long-term studies. To provide better services to both Turkish end users and Turkish defence and aerospace companies, DT Defence and AMETEK are working together to provide products with local added values in Turkey. These studies are expected to bear fruit by the end of the year.

DT Defence General Manager Cihan Mendi underlines that they have built their cooperation with AMETEK in line with the expectations of the industry: “We are cooperating efficiently with AMETEK to provide the subsystems and solutions needed by the Turkish defence and aerospace industry with high-quality in a fast and cost-effective manner. With the steps we already took and will take in the future, we ensure that this cooperation is sustainable for end users, industry companies and us, and we will continue to do so.”

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