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Emergency Response and Diving Training Boats are Designed in Compliance with the Mission Specific Requirements by AkuaMarinTek


Within the framework of the Presidency of Defense Industries’ (SSB) Emergency Response and Diving Training Boat (ACMB) project, an indigenous naval platform is designed by AkuaMarinTek Engineering Consultancy LLC (AMT), in compliance with the mission specific requirements. Following the successful completion of the project, AMT aims to continue to serve the naval defence industry for their new projects.

AMT 86 Corvette

AMT was founded by Dr. Mehmet A. Baykal in 2008, to provide original, state of the art and reliable design, engineering and consultancy services for naval platform projects, and to provide support at each phase of the complex naval defence projects. Within the framework of its mission, AMT served the distinguished defence companies of Turkey, together with shipyards, national and international contractors.

For each project, AMT brings together the knowledge and expertise of university professors, naval experts, project managers, experienced field engineers, technicians and experienced workers and users with a wide range of experience in their respective specialty areas. AMT aims to integrate this proven experience with talented , energetic, eager young engineers and technicians to form a project specific team , generating the synergy to bring out the most cost effective and competent engineering solutions

AMT 80 Trimaran Corvette

A Project that Delivers the Vision: ACMB

In the ACMB project launched by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), DESAN Shipyard served as the main contractor building a platform equipped with complex systems. Prototype development and platform design was contracted to AkuaMarinTek Engineering Consultancy LLC.(AMT) . The design of the boat was carried out by AMT, using a project specific ,flexible, competent design team of experts and continuously updated in parallel with the developments and changing requirements at different stages of the project, working in full coordination with the units of DESAN Shipyard. Experts from İstanbul Technical University and Yıldız Technical University also contributed to the design process. The Towing Tank Experiments of the ACMB were conducted in the Ata Nutku Ship Model Basin of the Istanbul Technical University.

AMT 65 Corvette

New Projects on the Way

AMT, which provides engineering and consultancy services to the naval defence sector, has been creating a portfolio of indigenous designs since 2008, which currently comprises of a broad range of naval platforms, from work boats to landing platform docks; from target ships to offshore naval tug boats, firefighting ships/boats; from high-performance interceptors to patrol boats; and from special forces platforms to offshore patrol vessels, coast guard vessels to corvettes and frigates.

AMT 19 Patrol Boat

AMT is also fully competent in the delivery of the following services:

  • Conceptual design, feasibility design, preliminary design, contractual design and detailed design of naval platforms
  • Naval architecture and marine engineering, mechanical engineering calculations and analyses; form development, ship resistance and propulsion, navigation and manoeuvrability analyses; structural analyses; and naval standard stability analyses
  • System engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Advanced engineering practices, noise and vibration control, shock analyses, signature and signature management
  • Preparation of contracts and tender documents
  • Developing prototype naval platforms and defence systems
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Shipyard organisation, work-flow optimisation, product design and planning
  • Consultancy, customer representation, project control
  • Trade-off analyses
  • Class-level design
  • 3D structure and equipment modelling
  • Project management
  • Training, know-how transfer
  • Preparation of test & trial documents, test & trial management,
  • Mooring and anchoring calculations, piles, marine geotechnical engineering
  • Water, wastewater and solid waste management, environmental pollution control
  • Conversion design for naval platforms
  • Cost analyses for shipbuilding, conversion and modernisation projects
  • Weight engineering and weight management
  • Temporary in-situ or on-site work support, provided by expert teams to shipyards and main contractors
  • Design of high-performance, manned or unmanned, small-size naval vessels
  • Design of underwater systems, manned and unmanned underwater defence and work platforms
  • Acoustic and underwater acoustic assessment and management
AMT 35 Firefighting boat

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