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Esetron: Right Place for Robotic Systems and Subsystems

by Can Kılınç

Esetron has been offering innovative solutions for the needs of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector by utilising its extensive knowledge and experience in robotics and mechatronic systems since 2011. Esetron aims to be a pioneer in its field, and its solutions include lightweight unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned surface vessels (USV), operator control units for various unmanned vehicles, and control stations for electro-optical systems. Esetron can design and produce various subsystems for unmanned vehicles, including UGVs, along with offering unmanned conversion kits for land and surface vehicles.

In addition to its capabilities in indigenous product and system design and integration, the company also offers system engineering, prototype production, and applied engineering services to institutions and organisations. Continuously renewing itself, Esetron keeps up with evolving and emerging technologies and ensures the adaptation of its existing systems to these new technologies. The company currently provides products and services to institutions and organisations like the Defence Industry Agency, General Command of Gendarmerie, ASELSAN, FNSS, HAVELSAN, Otokar, and Asisguard.

EJDER, on which various payloads can be mounted, is the operator’s supporter in challenging operations.

Operator Control Units

In addition to the operator control units for unmanned systems for its own product family, Esetron also designs and manufactures operator control units for various UAVs, UGVs, USVs, and electro-optical units produced by leading Turkish defence and aerospace sector companies. The company can design these units and produce them in various form factors, including wearable, portable, and platform-integrated types, in line with requirements. The company’s innovative and dynamic designs and subsystems it produces have proven themselves in many projects to date, and they can also be configured according to customer demands.

The portable console designs developed by the company are suitable for field use and include different-sized screens with varying features, computers, communication units, and panel-mounted devices, in line with customer specifications.

Bag-Type Control Unit, which can be used to control UAVs, UCAVs and UAVs.

These consoles offer battery- and adapter-powered options, as well as the capability to charge the internal battery. Wearable operator control units prioritise durability, lightweight construction, and ergonomics to optimise performance; as well as offering ease of use and more dynamic usage options.

Esetron also provides support to its customers regarding the control of various payloads and electro-optical units mounted on land, sea, and air platforms. The company’s designs take the boundaries and areas such as driver cabins, cockpits, and control rooms into account, as well as their ergonomics, for the platform-integrated operator control units. The company’s indigenous products also comply with military standards such as MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-1275.

KAMIKAZE can carry up to 30kg of explosives.

Extensive Experience in Lightweight Class UGVs

Lightweight UGVs bearing the Esetron signature are chosen by organisations big and small, including special forces, commando units, and security forces, and are actively used in field operations. The company’s remote-controlled GEKO, KOMODO, EJDER, and KAMIKAZE UGVs have proven themselves in the field with the critical roles they play in their missions, used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes in indoor and outdoor environments.

The members of the company’s UGV product family have different features tailored to user requirements, usage purposes, and applications. GEKO UGV has two wheels, as well as the ability to self-correct when overturned and can maintain its direction autonomously. This feature also allows the operator to determine the bearing of the UGV easily. KOMODO, with its four wheels and attached tracks, can perform reconnaissance, surveillance, fuse ignition and detonation missions, in multi-story buildings or open fields with the payloads it carries.

GEKO, the youngest member of the ESETRON IKA family.

EJDER provides the user with real-time imaging, sound, and sensor data. This UGV can also transmit the sound coming from its remote-control unit to its surrounding environment. KAMIKAZE can be remote-controlled with wired and wireless means and carry up to 30 kg of explosives and safely detonate itself and its payload at a designated point, and its wheeled chassis, dual safety mechanism, and user-friendly mechanical connection system set it apart from its competitors.

KOMODO is manoeuvrable in small, limited and hard-to-reach areas.

Snake Camera to Slither at IDEF

Snake Camera offers a flexible camera solution to its users thanks to its adjustable length and articulated structure, tailor-made for use in hollows, caves, indoor rooms, ventilation ducts, and similar environments.

The slim design of the Snake Camera allows it to enter tight spaces, providing real-time imagery to the user via a handheld terminal.

The Snake Camera, which has an articulated and flexible structure, is 11 metres long.

Actively used in military operations, the Snake Camera was also on duty alongside AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) and JÖAK (Gendarmerie Special Public Security Command) teams during the relief efforts against the devastating earthquake that occurred on 6 February and originated in Kahramanmaraş Province and affected 10 more provinces around it.

Renowned for its ergonomics and user-friendliness, the Snake Camera has been further enhanced based on emerging user demands. After undergoing field trials, the product is expected to enter service, with its new design and unique features. The Snake Camera will be showcased at Esetron’s IDEF’23 booth, where it will greet users and visitors.

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