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Eurasia Airshow will be the Global Meeting Point for Aerospace with its Virtual Exhibition

by MSI

Eurasia Airshow organization held a press conference on 24 July. The organizers of the event announced during the press conference that Eurasia Airshow will be organized as a Virtual Exhibition this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was previously postponed to be held at Antalya International Airport between the dates of 2-6 December. However, it has been announced that the event will be held virtually because of the pandemic still going strong and the foreign visits being adversely affected due to it. At the press conference; Hakan Kurt, CEO of Eurasia Airshow underlined that Eurasia Airshow is an event with 60% international participation, and said that this is the main factor in the decision of changing the event format to virtual.

At Eurasia Airshow 2020 Virtual Exhibition; participant and delegation visits, G2G, B2G and B2B meetings and agreements will take place virtually. For Eurasia Airshow 2020, the organization developed its own video conferencing program. Kurt underlined that the Global SatShow event to be held in September; again, organized by them, and Eurasia Airshow to be held in December will be the first events in Turkey and the world that will utilize their own video conferencing software. In this context, especially in events such as this where confidentiality comes to the fore for meetings and so forth, cyber security will be emphasized.

The event offers 4 different packages to its participants: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium. Participants can get packages according to the number of meetings they want to organize. Kurt said; “Our main goal is for our companies to make money, not spend money.”.

The Virtual Exhibition will offer participants the following benefits:

  • Efficient business development environment
  • Cost-oriented event participation
  • Adaptation to digital change

The event will start on 2 December with a symbolic opening program that will be held at Antalya International Airport. Roundtable meetings will also be held with ministers, air force commanders and defense industry leaders under the event.

Within the scope of Eurasia Airshow 2020, there will be live flight programs that will be broadcast on TV and other platforms on 5-6 December. In these programs called Public Days, planes will take off from their home countries and can be watched live.

The fighter aircraft that will perform flying demonstrations within the scope of Eurasia Airshow are listed as follows:

  • F-16
  • F-18
  • JF-17 Thunder
  • Su-35
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Su-30
  • MiG-29
  • Saab Gripen (Hungarian Air Force)

Kurt said that their target of “Locking the Eurasian Market around Turkey” is still continuing. It again has been emphasized that Eurasia Airshow 2022 will surpass Dubai airshow in:

  • Number of Commercial Visitors
  • Number of Aircraft Exhibited
  • Number of Participating Committees
  • Real Order Amount

The numerical targets of Eurasia Airshow are listed as follows:

  • 500 participants
  • Over 5,000 business meetings
  • 5,000,000 Public Day event views
  • Over 100 aircraft shows
  • Over 200 official delegations
  • Over 30 billion dollars in orders

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