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Floating Dock with 10,000 tons Capacity Enters into Service

by MSI

The floating dock with the largest capacity located on Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coasts has been entered into service with a ceremony attended by Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defence. A press bulletin issued by the Ministry of National Defence (MND) on 19 February underlined that construction of the floating dock, defined as a outstanding and successful example of public and private sector cooperation, was completed at half of the projected cost and in half of the scheduled time. The floating dock is the result of a collaboration between ASFAT (Military Factory and Shipyard Management) Inc. and HAT-SAN Shipyard. The dock will be able to serve the future platforms of Turkish Naval Forces Command (TNFC) with a lifting capacity of 10,000 tons, an overall length of 175,60 meters and an inner width of 35.54 meters. The dock can submerge or float within 1 hour, and has two electro-hydraulic type mobile cranes.

Hulusi Akar Minister of National defence

At the ceremony held at İzmir Shipyard Command, Minister Akar, was accompanied by General Yaşar Güler, Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), along with the service commanders and Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere. Minister Akar emphasised in his speech at the ceremony that with the entry into service of this floating dock, Turkey’s capability and capacity in the shipbuilding sector has been carried one step further. Speaking about their trustin Turkey’s human resources and potential, as well as the defence sector, he said, “Our businessmen, industrialists, engineers, and workers make great contributions to strengthen our national and indigenous defence industry and they have a huge role for TAF to perform its duties successfully on land, sea, and air, in and across the country, across its borders, and at various regions of the world. We expect their efforts to continue with an increasing volume.”

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