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FNSS Presents Tank Hunter of the Future: KAPLAN ANTI-TANK

by MSI

The news article that is in the third section of IDEF’19 Special Dossier published in the 72th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review is now available on our website:


Other news of FNSS’ platforms, including the PARS III 8×8 Engineering Vehicle, the RCWS Remote-Controlled Weapon System with Ballistic Protection, and the AV-8 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle, was provided in the previous section of the IDEF Special Dossier. In this section, we continue with the other vehicles and solutions showcased by FNSS for the first time at IDEF’19.

Developed by FNSS to meet the stringent requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, the KAPLAN ANTI-TANK was showcased at the exhibition with a prototype that is on the verge of completing its qualification process. The vehicle has been developed specifically for an anti-tank role, and has successfully completed firing tests performed using KORNET and OMTAS missiles launched from the FNSS’ Anti-Tank Remote Controlled Turret (ARCT).



Developed as part of the Anti-Tank Vehicles (ATV) project led by Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), KAPLAN ANTI-TANK is the smallest member of the KAPLAN new-generation armoured combat vehicle family of FNSS. The vehicle has an automatic transmission and the ability to operate jointly with main battle tanks, and can execute a broad variety of missions with the integration of different subsystems. The vehicle also features mine and armoured protection, and offers high mobility under different geographical conditions thanks to its low-weight hull and five road wheels. KAPLAN ANTI- TANK boasts high and rapid mobility in both cold and hot climates, on muddy and rough terrain, and on both asphalt and stabilised roads, while its advanced suspension track system has been designed to minimise vibrations in the vehicle and to enhance roadholding.

As an amphibious vehicle, KAPLAN ANTI-TANK stands out as one of the few vehicles in its class possessing this ability. With two water propulsion systems located at the rear, the vehicle allows its users to carry out operations even in deep and turbulent waters. The hatches and lids on the vehicle’s hull have all been fitted with water-tight gaskets, and the vehicle allows its users to enter the water without prior preparation. The hull of KAPLAN ANTI-TANK is manufactured from ballistic materials, and is assembled using a ballistic welding technique. The power pack cabin and the expanded driver area are located at the front of the vehicle, while the gunner and the commander areas are located in the middle. The rear section of the vehicle accommodates the assistant gunner and any additional personnel.

For its firepower, KAPLAN ANTI-TANK relies on ARTC, which was developed to feature modern firing and command & control capabilities. In addition to the ready-to-fire missiles, the turret is also fitted with a 7.62 mm co-axial machine gun.

Following the completion of qualification tests, serial production of the KAPLAN ANTI-TANK will begin soon afterwards, and all deliveries as part of the ATV project are expected to be completed in 2021.


KAPLAN MT tank integrated with a PULAT Active Protection System

KAPLAN MT tank integrated with a PULAT Active Protection System



KAPLAN MT, a medium-weight class tank developed jointly by FNSS and the Indonesian company PT Pindad, was equipped with ASELSAN’s PULAT Active Protection System to defend against the evolving threats in the battlefield. KAPLAN MT equipped with PULAT was displayed for the first time at IDEF 2019.

In today’s modern battlefield, the types of threats against tanks are increasing with each passing day. Particularly in urban combat operations, the use of active protection systems is becoming a necessity due to the diversification of weapons used and application of new tactics.

Enjoying the highest level of anti-mine and ballistic protection of its class, KAPLAN MT is getting ready against these kind of emerging threats with PULAT.

PULAT system was developed jointly by ASELSAN and TÜBİTAK SAGE, initially as a solution preferred by the Turkish Armed Forces for M60T tanks. PULAT consists of modules that contain the detection radar for sensing threats and the countermeasure projectile. The modules are placed around the vehicle in a way that ensures all-round protection. The power distribution unit and control panel are located inside the tank. When the system becomes activated, it functions autonomously without the need for user input. During data collection and system performance tests, PULAT was fired hundreds of times, and completed all of the tests successfully.


FNSS introduced the Shadow Cavalry Concept aboard an M113 vehicle.

FNSS introduced the Shadow Cavalry Concept aboard an M113 vehicle.


Shadow Cavalry: Universal Solution for Remote-Control

In recognition of the growing importance of unmanned land vehicle applications in both Turkey and internationally, FNSS also showcased its Shadow Cavalry concept at IDEF’19. Shadow Cavalry, which can be fitted onto any type of land platform, was introduced to visitors at IDEF’19 integrated on an M113 vehicle.

The most outstanding features of the FNSS’ Shadow Cavalry concept are as follows:

  • Flexible solutions with ready-for-integration module units
  • Manned and unmanned use
  • Various communication and remote-control solution alternatives for different ranges
  • Multiple day and night image transmission from both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Multiple layer data transmission security measures
  • Advanced surveillance, logistic, and mine clearance and disposal functions

With the Shadow Cavalry concept, FNSS has the potential to turn a land platform into an unmanned vehicle, with the option for manned control of the vehicle by a driver when necessary. The Shadow Cavalry concept is expected to carry out such critical tasks on the battlefield as logistic support, engineering, mine clearing and mobile weapon missions. As a highly successful example and output of a cooperation between a platform manufacturer and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Shadow Cavalry is expected to serve as the basis for all of FNSS’ future land platforms.

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