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Solutions for Armoured Vehicles and Border Security from FOTONİKS

by Buse Köse

FOTONİKS’ presence in IDEF’21 was shaped by demand from abroad. The company is enjoying high demand from its prospective clients, especially for electro-optical systems for armoured vehicles. FOTONİKS also put its solutions for border defence in the limelight. Algorithms that analyse continuously and improve themselves from the results of their analyses are among the common features of these solutions.  

FOTONİKS’ KUZGUN Panoramic Camera System attracted a great deal of attention in the fair, as it is a mature system already in service. Powered by Image processing algorithms of FOTONİKS, KUZGUN can provide 360 degrees of situational awareness and was in high demand both from Turkish and foreign visitors. Target Locators (EO/IR Sensor Suite for Weapon Turrets) have also attracted serious attention both at FOTONİKS booth and at display area of some armoured vehicle manufacturers at IDEF.

KUZGUN Panoramic Camera System is shown mounted on an armoured vehicle (left) and with the images it is capturing (right)

Other solutions from FOTONİKS that the company developed for armoured vehicles and sought after by visitors were Driver Vision Cameras and Situational Awareness Vision systems (See-Thru Armor), , Mission Recording and Analysis Suite. Said suite brings together a variety of systems including a Network Video Recorder (NVR) system. 

FOTONİKS was in touch with officials from Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command and Turkish National Police. In addition, delegations from Africa and South East Asia nations showed plenty of interest in FOTONİKS’ booth.

FOTONİKS also provides reconnaissance and observation solutions integrated into platforms.

Cooperation for Laser Communications System

FOTONİKS also had a contract in its agenda. Laser Communications System Cooperation Protocol was signed on the second day of the fair, between ASELSAN, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and FOTONİKS. The protocol deals with the development of new technologies in laser communications field.

Systems for armoured vehicles FOTONİKS displayed in its booth.

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