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GALEN Technology Now Offers Testing Services

by Aybars Meric

GALEN Technology, which produces unique testing and certification systems for sectoral companies and is continuing its R&D activities on the Teknopark İstanbul campus, is diversifying its activities in the field of engineering service products. Having adopted the principle of adding at least five new solutions to its product family every year, the additions to the services provided by GALEN Technology last year included “Turnkey Project Management”, “Test Rig Localisation” and ” Sound Insulation for Existing Test Systems”, while the newcomers to the product line were the Hydraulic Test Bench and the Roll Test Control Unit ANKA-CON/adv.Roll .

Turnkey Project Management

For most of GALEN Technology’s customers, when they refer to a need for a “test”, what they are actually looking for is a “test report”.  However, at the end of the day, companies find themselves being forced to carry out a large test procedure, and this situation becomes a problem in which they are not experts, but 100 percent responsible for. To eliminate this problem, GALEN Technology has introduced a service package in which everyone takes responsibility for their field of specialisation, naming it “Turnkey Project Management”. Within this package, GALEN Technology takes on 100 percent of the responsibility in the subject in which it is specialised, ensuring at the end of the day that the customers get the “test report” they need. The package includes:

  • Evaluation of technical requirements
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Conducting a supplier analysis
  • Determination of competence criteria
  • Drawing up of a project process plan
  • Conducting SWAD and FMEA analyses
  • Preparing a specification
  • Planning integration intersection points
  • Planning the purchasing process
  • Tracking supplier manufacturing
  • Tracking procurement
  • Field project management
  • Tracking of integration
  • Periodic reporting
  • Tracking the installation and commissioning process
  • Acceptance tests
  • Training
  • Initial startup process management
  • Maintenance process planning
  • Report of measures ensuring continuity

By working together, but only in their specific areas of expertise, GALEN Technology and its clients ensure the establishment of a test facility with minimised risk.

Test Rig Localisation

In the current period, when Turkey is facing embargoes in many areas, whether implicit or explicit, our main platform and subsystem manufacturers are looking for test systems that can be launched with as little outside influence as possible. To be prepared for this situation, which is developing for many reasons, GALEN Technology has developed its expertise in the localisation of Project-Specific Test Equipment (Test Rigs) into a product. To this end, the company examines previously manufactured Test Rig solutions around the world, learns about the experience and requirements of the customer, and offers the required Test Rig solution with a 100 percent, or with the highest possible, localisation rate. What is essential for GALEN Technology in achieving this is the implementation of “Turnkey Project Management” principles.

Machine and System Sound Insulation

Many customers of GALEN Technology have procured test or manufacturing systems of different sizes and with different functions in the past, and are actively using them. Companies are now looking for ways to reduce the noise of existing test systems to certain levels to meet the developing occupational health and safety standards, or to improve the quality of their manufacturing areas under their own initiative. Instead of treating these incoming demands as individual projects, GALEN Technology decided to turn them into a product, leading to the unveiling of its “Existing Machine or System Sound Insulation” engineering solution. GALEN Technology first visits the customer’s premises, collects audio data and designs an appropriate insulation solution to bring the noise down to the target level, and then presents the solution to the customer in a process carried out in partnership with one of Turkey’s leading sound studios. With this product package, in which high-tech audio engineering tools are used, companies gain the ability to continue operating existing machines and systems, but at the targeted sound levels.

GALEN Technology manufactures test equipment and systems with a localisation rate of 97 percent or more, including Special Test Rigs, and uses up-to-date engineering tools throughout the entire design and design verification processes, in its manufacturing quality controls and in the assembly stages, being an engineering-based company. This approach is carried out at the level of “Engineering Service Products” sales. GALEN Technology aims to increase the number of products in this group exponentially in the upcoming period.

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