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GES Engineering’s Antenna Elevation Platform Proves It Can Withstand Heavy Winds

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

GES Engineering continues the tests of its newly developed product, the Antenna Elevation Platform. Within the scope of the tests carried out in Ankara on 14-15 June, the company stated that the Type-1 version of the product carrying a 1 tonne payload proved to be able to withstand strong winds over 230 km/h.

The Type-1 version of the Antenna Elevation Platform, which will replace the foreign components used in border security systems developed by ASELSAN, should meet the standards of lifting 800 kg payloads, operating at 120 km/h wind speed, and withstanding the wind speed of 180 km/h. In the tests, it has been proven that the product can successfully perform all these tasks and even withstand strong and sudden winds called “gust”.

The product elevates the on-board payload electromechanically and can rotate it to the desired direction after raising. This system, which has a total weight of 1,500 kg and a height of 2.5 m when closed, can lift the useful load it carries up to 6 meters. The product, which becomes operational within 5 minutes, can also be used to elevate radars, electronic-warfare, and weapon systems as well as electro-optical systems.

The company aims to deliver the Type-1 version, which has successfully passed the most challenging tests, to ASELSAN in July, after a final test to be carried out in the near future. The product is planned to enter the end user’s inventory in August as well. GES Engineering continues to work on the Type-2 version of the product, which operates with different principles and has a higher carrying capacity.

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