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GÖKDENİZ Close-in Weapon System Successfully Hits High Speed Target

by Şafak Kaan Oğraş

GÖKDENİZ Close-in Weapon System, developed by ASELSAN to meet the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command, within the scope of a project carried out by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), proved its capabilities with the tests carried out on the ship. In the last stage of the tests, the high-speed target approaching over the sea was successfully destroyed by GÖKDENİZ. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, announced the development on 3 May. It is aimed that GÖKDENİZ will be ready for duty on the ISTANBUL frigate this year.

GÖKDENİZ is a close-in weapon system (CIWS), which is used as the last layer in the defence of naval platforms against air threats and therefore is of critical importance. These systems enable ships to be defended against a wide array of threats such as anti-ship missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, airplanes and helicopters.

Having a search radar, tracking radar and electro-optical sensors as well as two 35 mm guns onboard, the system can perform all the functions of target detection, threat prioritization, automatic tracking and destruction of the engaged threat.

GÖKDENİZ is capable of shooting 1,100 rounds per minute with 35 mm guns produced by MKE. The system, which can also fire ATOM Airburst Ammunition, produced jointly by ASELSAN and MKE, can be used effectively against current air threats.

The Automatic Linkless Ammunition Feeding Mechanism located on the GÖKDENİZ also gives the product a special ability. Owing to this mechanism, two or more types of ammunition can be loaded into the system at the same time, and the operator can select the desired type of ammunition. With the use of this mechanism, GÖKDENİZ, which can successfully perform tasks for different purposes, can be used against surface and land targets as well as air threats.

All of the basic sub-components such as 35 mm guns, ammunition, radars, electro-optical sensors, motion control systems and mission computers used in GÖKDENİZ were developed and produced by domestic companies. In the press release published by the SSB on the subject, it was emphasized that very few countries in the world have the ability to develop and produce their own CIWS. It was also underlined that, navies of friendly and allied countries also showed great interest in GÖKDENİZ, in addition to the Turkish Armed Forces.

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