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GÖKSER Continues to Export Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

by MSI

GÖKSER continues to export aircraft ground support equipment. The company had previously won a tender by outperforming its European competitors under international competition conditions and produced 4 aircraft ground support equipment and delivered them to the related end-user. The same end-user, who was satisfied with the products of GÖKSER, ordered another 3 units of aircraft ground support equipment.

Speaking to the MSI TDR about the development; Serhat Ünal, Member of the Board of GÖKSER said: “We are very proud to be exporting to an allied country. However, the fact that we received additional orders for the same products from a user whom we delivered our products before is an indication of how satisfied the user is with our products and their trust in us. Following this, we will continue to work to keep our customers’ trust in us at the highest level, both at home and abroad.”

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