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Solutions That Combine Experience with Technology From Gökser R&D

by MSI

The solutions that Gökser R&D highlighted in the fair were its aircraft ground support equipment and turn-key mobile military bases.

The company is providing ground support equipment for both civilian and military aircraft since 1987. Said equipment perform duties such as air conditioning, power supply and fuel delivery. Ground support equipment produced by Gökser R&D is being used in various military aircraft, mainly F-16 and different types of helicopters in active service. The equipment has passed the tests with F-35, and they are off-the-shelf solutions for the countries that have the Lightning II in service. Other than Turkey, Gökser R&D’s aircraft support equipment is in use by 2 more countries.

For commercial end-users, the ground support equipment by Göksel Ar-Ge is serving the commercial aircraft manufactured by Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer and more.

Gökser R&D also showcased one of its ground support equipment product family in its booth.

Another area of focus for Gökser R&D is turn-key mobile military encampments and its equipment. The solutions provided by the company highly improve the ability of armed forces to deploy in different areas. Meanwhile, the company’s turn-key solutions ease the end user’s logistical burdens. Gökser R&D has exported its turn-key mobile military encampments and its equipment to four countries so far.

In addition to its current products, Gökser R&D is also involved in project-based works. In these, the company is developing and delivering systems and subsystems that are required by prime contractors, from design to production and documentation. Thus, it serves as a reliable partner to its contractors.

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