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AFT Cooling Technology from Harp Defence Made Its Debut at IDEF

by Buse Köse

Harp Defence presented its AFT cooling technology for the first time at IDEF 2021.This AFT cooling technology is being developed through a R&D project the company has been working on for a while and now is in test phase.

The technology is named Air Flow Through Cooling, and able to cool circuit boards with right on the components with airflow. Hence, the cooling is able to be provided depending on the requirements of the heat generating components and right where it needs to be. With this feature, equipment chassis itself does not need to be thermally conductive, thus it can be made with much lighter materials. The technology is expected to lighten electronic units and especially increase payload capacity of small UAVs.

Harp Defence showcased AFT Cooling case, which completed its electronic cooling tests successfully. The company also started holding talks with a prime contractor that produces air platforms for its solutions utilising this new technology.

Furthermore, Harp Defence exhibited the latest versions of its Vikilit® wedge lock product family. The company, which designed 35 different wedge lock models and delivered thousands of these to its clients, is expected to triple its production capacity after reaching a capacity of 100,000 yearly, thanks to an “Investment Incentive Certificate” it obtained from Ministry of Industry and Technology in March. It will also speed up its product deliveries. Harp Defence has planned to start its investments designated in the Investment Incentive Certificate in following months and finish them within 2 years.

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