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Harp Defence Systems: Timely and Reliable Solutions from a Single Source

by Buse Köse

As a reliable and innovative supplier of electronic devices, their cards and modules, cabinets and testing systems used in defence and aerospace platforms, Harp Defence Systems (Harp Defence ) is exhibiting the latest point it has reached in its products and services at IDEF 2021. Visitors will have the opportunity to closely examine the products, many of which have been exhibited for the first time in the international arena, at the company’s booth.

Harp Defence provides a range of services for platform and system manufacturers. Some of these include:

  •  A range of mechanic designs from LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) level to SRU (Shop Replaceable Unit) level,
  • Structural and electronic cooling analysis and
  • Production.

Harp Defence, at the same time is an SME having its own products providing Vikilit® and Hapis Vida product families. The company continues to develop and diversify its services and product families with R&D studies. The ongoing AFT Cooling project is at the forefront of Harp Defence’s work in this field.

Vikilit® Wedge Lock Family on Growth Path

While Harp Defence’s Vikilit® wedge lock family keeps on growing with new members, it also continues to benefit from the investments made in the production infrastructure of the company.

Harp Defence has designed 35 different wedge locks so far and delivered thousands of them to its customers including special models in various sizes and designs. Prototype production and heat resistance tests of the VP765 series, one of the newest members to join the family, were completed in March and this series was approved by its first user, ASELSAN.

With the “Investment Incentive Certificate” received from the Ministry of Industry and Technology in March, Harp Defence will be able to triple the existing Vikilit® production capacity to 100,000 units per year also improving product delivery times.

Harp Defence aims to start its activities and investments within the scope of the Investment Incentive Certificate in the coming months and to complete in 2 years.

Aiming at continuous improvement, Harp Defence also develops test infrastructure as well as production infrastructure. In this context, it can also perform thermal resistance tests of card locks on its own.

Future Technology: AFT Cooling

AFT Cooling project is at the forefront of Harp Defence’s R&D studies. The company aims to open a new era in the design and production of the mechanical structures of electronic devices with this project, which is carried out with its own resources and KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development and Support Organization) support.

The project, which takes its name from the term Air Flow Through Cooling, is developing a technology that enables air cooling to be performed on electronic cards. Thus, cooling can be done on the card in line with the needs of the heat-emitting components and in the specific area where that component is located. This feature will make it possible to produce the case containing the cards from much lighter materials that do not necessarily have thermal conductivity. As a result, the weight of the electronic units will be drastically reduced, which will significantly increase the payload capability of small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles.

Prototype production and thermal tests have been completed in the project, and other testing activities continue.

AFT Cooling project is at the forefront of Harp Defence’s R&D studies.

Harp Defence carries out other studies in the field of R&D as well. The company is performing tests together with a university on different coating methods to further lower the thermal resistance values of the Vikilit® product family. With the same university, it has also started working on increasing the thermal conductivity values ​​of the cold plates of the cards used in electronic devices. Different materials and coatings are tested in these studies.

Harp Defence is Preparing for the Future

Harp Defence Founder Mehmet Yener notes that they have taken firm steps towards the future with their recent work: “As Harp Defence, we are continuing our development in both institutional and technical fields. Last December, we successfully completed the EYDEP (Industrial Competency Assessment and Support Program) evaluation of the Presidency of Defence Industries and were awarded with a C Class certificate. By proceeding on this basis,we aim to get A class certificate in the near future. We became ASELSAN’s approved subcontractor for mechanical design in February. We started to provide consultancy and engineering services to Turkish Aerospace regarding mechanical design of avionic devices. After Vikilit® became a renowned brand in Turkey, we received our utility model certificate for our Hapis Vida product in April. Despite our busy agenda and the ongoing pandemic, we continue to carry out our projects work without interruption. It makes us proud to see that our solutions and products are being widely used in Turkey’s leading platforms.”

Harp Defence is carrying out testing activities with a university on different coating methods to further lower the thermal resistance values of the Vikilit® product family.

Yener also points out that they are excited for IDEF 2021. “Our Vikilit® products will be exhibited for the first time in an international arena at IDEF 2021. In line with our export targets, we will exhibit many different types of Vikilit® models at our stand. Our visitors will get a better view of our design and production capabilities and they will be able to examine the quality of our products closely. We will also introduce our AFT Cooling project. The prototype produced within the scope of the project will also be displayed on our stand. “

The products that Harp Defence will exhibit at IDEF 2021 for the first time are; AFT Cooling prototype case, AFT 3U cold plate, V635 series and 450 mm Vikilit®, VL635 Vikilit® and VP765 Vikilit®. The company will meet its visitors at its HALL 6 631D stand.

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