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HAVELSAN Opens the Doors of ‘Fast and Safe Trade’

by MSI

HAVELSAN has received the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate, which is defined concisely as ‘fast and secure trade’, from the Turkish Ministry of Trade. The development was announced by HAVELSAN on 3 July.

Şevket Ünal, Vice President of Operations and International Business Development at HAVELSAN emphasized the importance of AEO for HAVELSAN’s strategic goals and objectives and stated that HAVELSAN’s ability to compete in the international markets would increase with the AEO and the certificate would contribute immensely to Turkey’s exports.

AEO allows reliable companies that fulfill their customs obligations, that are financially competent, that have safety and security standards and keep traceable and regular records to take advantage of simplified applications stipulated by the customs legislation and eases the process of security and safety checks performed during the entry and exit of goods to the Customs Territory of Turkey.

At the same time, AEO, which is an international status, offers the opportunity for HAVELSAN to benefit from status privileges in countries with mutual recognition agreements by increasing its competitive power, brand value and reliability in international markets.

HAVELSAN will have the opportunity to increase the speed of operations in international trade and reduce costs thanks to its AEO status.

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