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Ship Traffic Management of Turkish Straits to Bear HAVELSAN’s Signature

by Buse Köse

The ship traffic of the Turkish Straits will be managed with a national system developed by HAVELSAN. The company is the main contract of the project carried out by the General Directorate of Coastal Safety under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. HAVELSAN provided a press release on 6 August and stated that the Turkish Straits Ship Traffic Services (TBGTH) system would be one of the largest systems among nearly 500 ship traffic service systems in approximately 50 different countries in terms of the length of service areas and the number of sensors. The TBGTH system will include 2 Ship Traffic Services Centres and 26 Traffic Monitoring Stations.

The project is planned to be commissioned at the end of this year. The software, sensors, and information infrastructure of the TBGTH system were designed using domestic competencies and production capabilities. Among those the Vessel Traffic Service (GTH) Software was developed by HAVELSAN engineers. HAVELSAN will also further increase the localisation rate in the project by integrating to the TBGTH system the radars, electro-optic cameras, and radar navigation systems produced by ASELSAN.

A higher level of interaction with ships will be achieved with the TBGTH system. It will also be possible to monitor, arrange, organise, and manage all ship traffic in the straits.

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