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HENSOLDT is Close to Offering a Solution for the Safe Navigation of UAVs

by MSI

HENSOLDT has made significant progress in the development of collision warning system to be used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The system is planned to perform flight tests in summer.

The company announced on 25 May that the radar, which is the system’s sensor, has completed the flight tests. The tests were carried out under the ProSA-n and KoKo2 programmes. The first of these is a military programme and the second is a civilian programme. HENSOLDT has been a participant in the EUDAAS (European Detect and Avoid System) programme since the beginning of this year. The programme focuses on the development of a “detect and aviod” system for medium altitude long endurance (MALE) class UAVs such as Eurodrone.

The solution developed by HENSOLDT uses active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar to detect and classify objects in the air. This radar technology enables the system to detect objects in the air very quickly and to track multiple targets at the same time. The fact that the radar is scalable paves the way for its use in small-sized UAVs.

Both the performance of the system and the interface of the UAVs with automatic pilots will be tested in the tests to be carried out in the summer months.

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