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HENSOLDT Achieved Its Targets of Attendance

by Buse Köse

HENSOLDT exhibited in IDEF 2021 with the aim of increasing its recognition and awareness in Turkey, identifying and addressing the needs of Turkish defence and aerospace authorities and companies, and exploring cooperation opportunities for third parties with Turkish partners. In the evaluations they made after the fair, the company officials expressed their satisfaction in achieving their goals.

HENSOLDT showcased the ASR-NG, new generation surveillance radar developed for airport applications, for the first time at IDEF 2021. The ASR family of air traffic control radars draw a complete picture of airspace. The system consists of integrated primary and secondary radars. It can detect aircraft that do not communicate with air traffic control (non-cooperative), do not have a transponder device, and aircraft that pose a threat, such as small aircraft. Thanks to its special signal processing algorithms, it is not affected by wind turbines and can scan a wide area.

At its booth, HENSOLDT also highlighted the ARGOS II and PrecISR, Xpeller counter UAV solution and the MILDS F missile warning system. It introduced TMRL and COBRA radars using virtual reality technologies.

HENSOLDT, which made a series of contacts throughout the fair, held meetings with international delegations as well as Turkish officials and delegations.

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