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ICterra Attended IDEF with New Products and Organisation

by Buse Köse

ICterra recently restructured its defence projects and its related organisations under the name “Directorate of Defence Sector” and attended IDEF with its new organisation. The company also showcased for the first time, its newly developed Flexible Network Intrusion Prevention System.

Left to Right: Cihan Yıldız, Business Development Manager at ICterra, H. Vedat Uslu, Founder and CEO of ICterra and Hakan Ayçenk, Head of Defence Sector at ICterra

Flexible Network Intrusion Prevention System has features such as:

  • Cost effective and flexible deployment of security applications as ETSI compatible VNF packages over network infrastructures such as 5G,
  • Machine learning based approach to enhance network attack detection and classification
  • Network attack prevention with IP Blacklist Prediction functionality.

ICterra also highlights that the company worked hard and gained competencies in the fields of cyber security and machine learning while developing this system. The company also promoted Honeypot System and National Monitor System in its booth.

One of the solutions ICterra highlighted in the fair was Honeypot System it developed with the support of Presidency of Defence Industries, a honeypot cyber intelligence system.

H. Vedat Uslu, Founder and CEO of ICterra, gave an assessment about the fair as follows: “IDEF 2021 was the first event that brought the sector together in a physical setting after a long pandemic break. We can gladly say it was very productive for us, talking face to face with our business partners and clients we were only able to communicate online, holding talks and meetings for our future collaboration opportunities. During the fair, we had the chance to promote our Honeypot System and Flexible Network Intrusion Prevention System to our visitors and guest delegations and witnessed these products and works drew a lot of attention from visitors, both from Turkey and abroad.

Furthermore, we were in touch with quite a few companies, mainly headquartered in technoparks, along with official delegations and representatives from prime contractor companies. In our meetings we were able to understand what is in demand, especially in fields like software engineering, and build a framework with the knowledge we gained. We, and I mean ICterra and our partners who we plan to collaborate with by that, did preliminary preparations for this demand as well.”

Hakan Ayçenk, Head of Defence Sector at ICterra, spoke about the new Directorate of Defence Sector and its impressions at the fair: “The comments we received about our new organisation were in the manner of ‘Strengthens the company’s focus on the sector’ and ‘Helps the company address the sector’s problems and needs and processes within it’ and we were able to see the effects of this within the fair. We assess that the strong showing we did with our Business Development and Programmes section of our Directorate of Defence Sector brought strength and consistence to the centralised activities we do in our directorate. We noticed it with our meetings with our potential business partners. We approached our meetings with business development and how to conduct programmes together in mind, and this approach made our meetings and talks very efficient, and we consider we will reap the rewards from these meetings in the near future.”

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