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Highlights from Products Exhibited at IDEF 2021

by Buse Köse
E-ZMA armoured combat vehicle, with hybrid propulsion, at the Ministry of National Defence’s (MND) stand.
Among the products that were exhibited at the MND’s stand was 8×8 truck mounted 120 mm mortar system.
E-FIRTINA self-propelled howitzer, with hybrid propulsion, was exhibited at the MND’s stand.
ASELSAN exhibited 35 mm Multi Mission Weapon System GÖKER for the first time.
National Combat Aircraft’s mock-up was exhibited with munitions to be carried by the aircraft.
Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter’s mock-up also took place at Turkish Aerospace’s booth.
From left to right; Cruise missiles KARA ATMACA and ATMACA, and torpedoes ORKA and AKYA, were exhibited together at Roketsan’s booth.
LEVENT, Close-in Air Defence System, one of the products Roketsan exhibited for the first time.
HAVELSAN exhibited its extensive works on unmanned land and air vehicles.
SAR 9 SC (at the top), SAR9 Gen2 (in the middle) and SAR 9 SP (at the bottom), among the pistols Sarsılmaz exhibited in a domestic sectoral event for the first time.
Sarsılmaz exhibited 4 different versions of SAR 762 MT machine gun as A, B, C and D. In this photo, B version of the gun is seen.
FNSS made debut of heavy unmanned ground vehicle Shadow Rider with its new look at IDEF 2021 for the first time.
PARS IV 6×6 Special Operations Vehicle was among the vehicles FNSS presented in exhibition for the first time.
PARS IV 8×8 New Generation Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, one of the products FNSS exhibited for the first time.
Samsun Yurt Savunma exhibited CANiK M2 QCB heavy machine gun with various accessories.
The armourer kit of CANiK M2 QCB exhibited at the booth of Samsun Yurt Savunma.
GES Engineering exhibited the wheel rims with a run-flat feature, manufactured in Turkey in cooperation with Hutchinson, for the first time.
ASPİLSAN Energy presented its battery solutions for electric vehicles.
12.7 mm BOMBUS Gun Pod developed with the cooperation of Unidef and Aeros was exhibited at IDEF 2021 for the first time.
AKSA RunFlat presented its ballistic glass solutions to its visitors.
ALTINAY introduced its Stabilized Antenna Pedestal with 3 Axis.
Andar exhibited its electromagnetic brake solution together with its test stand.
Anova highlighted its military AC/DC converter module on the left as “World’s Only 2500 W Module”.
One of the platforms in the agenda of ARES Shipyard was ARES 95 FAMB.
ASELSAN Sivas introduced newly developed optic sights such as PRS-20 and HoloBright.
Mechanical Demining Equipment (MEMATT) at the ASFAT stand.
ATA Arms introduced new versions of its sniper rifles from series of ASR and ALR.
Ateşçi highlighted its Dynamic Loading Machine.
Barok Savunma exhibited its Interior Communication and Personnel Tracking System for the first time at IDEF 2021.
BASE exhibited its products that have become off-the-shelf solutions for axles, chassis and transfer boxes for military vehicles.
Başarı Savunma’s foldable solar panels and portable power support systems attracted the attention of visitors who needed such systems in the field.
Berkin Engineering included working examples of its products at its booth.
Best Group exhibited its solution that combines an unmanned ground vehicle and a remote-controlled weapon system.
ATOK (Military Tactical Operation Kit), developed by BİTES, was integrated into the PARS 4×4 vehicle.
BMC exhibited its new vehicle, 8×8 ALTUĞ, in two different configurations as Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) and Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC).
The Leopard 2A4 modernization solution, developed by BMC by integrating the turret of the ALTAY tank, was exhibited for the first time at a fair open to general participation.
BRENSAN’s “Light Universal Charger” (LUC) product showcased the different connections it supported at the fair.
CES Advanced Composites & Defence Technologies introduced its ballistic protection solutions such as helmets, shields and insert plates developed for different needs.
The SATCOM solution developed by CTech for unmanned aerial vehicles was exhibited together with ANKA UAV.
Çukurova Defence exhibited the BHL-z Fast Armored Backhoe-Loader (left) and 8/9 Tons 4×4 Wheeled Chassis Platform (right) for the first time. It also showcased the 14-tonne 4×4 chassis (in the middle).
The KARGO 150 UAV was among the products exhibited for the first time by DASAL.
One of the products that Kaptanoğlu-Desan Shipyard stood out was its fire-fighting boat.
Dorçe highlighted its Helicopter Portable Containers.
Adding a new business line to its ongoing cooperation with AMETEK and diversifying its services in April, DT Savunma exhibited the products within the scope of this cooperation at its booth.
Er Makina promoted its design and engineering capabilities in the field of high-speed gears and gearboxes.
Fotoniks exhibited its wide product family in the field of optical systems on light weapons of different models at its booth.
Gökser R&D promoted one of its mobile ground support devices at its stand.
Harp Defence Systems exhibited the solution developed within the scope of the AFT Cooling project for the first time at IDEF 2021.
ARGOS II, which can be used for ISTAR missions on rotary-wing, fixed-wing and unmanned aerial vehicles, was among the systems exhibited by HENSOLDT.
HAVELSAN Teknoloji Radar (HTR) featured its expanding and developing product family at its booth.
ICterra exhibited its Honeypot System, which it developed indigenously with the support of the Presidency of Defence Industries and highlighted as a honeypot-cyber intelligence system.
2×75 kVA AKINCI generator, one of the products exhibited for the first time by İŞBİR.
KTJ-3200 turbojet engine developed by Kale R&D and used in SOM and ATAMCA missiles.
Karel displayed a working example of the flight backup indicator it developed for aerial platforms on a moving stand.
Katmerciler launched the EREN 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle.
AW101 helicopter was among the Leonardo’s products featured at IDEF 2021.
MEGE Teknik exhibited different examples from its product family at its booth.
Menatek exhibited Transfer Case for the first time.
Mesan presented its expanding product family, developed for fighting against mines and IEDs, to the attention of visitors.
Meteksan Defence exhibited a scale model of the NAZAR Land System at its booth.
Miilux OY exhibited examples of armour solutions, which successfully completed tests, among its solutions meeting different needs.
MILMAST introduced the new members of the Telescopic Lifting Systems product family.
The TV3-117VMA-SBM1V Series 1 engine, produced by MOTOR SICH JSC and to be used in the Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter developed by Turkish Aerospace, was exhibited next to the mock-up of the helicopter.
Navantia presented its F110 frigate to the attention of the Turkish authorities.
Nurol Makina exhibited the ambulance configuration of EJDER YALÇIN for the first time in the Turkey.
Another product Nurol Makina exhibited for the first time was the pickup configuration of NMS.
Nurol Teknoloji stood out modular bunker.
Otokar exhibited its ARMA 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle in a configuration integrated with an 35 mm main weapon system for the first time.
The MRAP version of COBRA II was another product of Otokar exhibited for the first time at IDEF.
Another vehicle exhibited for the first time by Otokar was the AKREP IId 4×4 new generation armoured vehicle with 90 mm main weapon system integrated turret and diesel propulsion system.
Hydraulic system developed by SMS Savunma for Leopard 2A4 tanks.
STM revealed the up-to-date status of its tactical mini UAV systems.
TDU Savunma’s Mobile Camouflage System was displayed on the ARMA 8×8 vehicle at the Otokar’s booth.
The part numbered 330-1 used in the T700-TEI-701D helicopter engine was introduced by TEI as “Turkey’s most complex aviation engine part consolidated with additive manufacturing”.
T-Kalıp has exhibited the new members of its Mine Blast Seat and Crashworthy Seat product families.
TTAF Defence exhibited examples demonstrating its capabilities in the field of cable harnesses at its booth.
TUALCOM showed the members of its expanding product family and their capabilities to its visitors.
Turaç exhibited frangible ammunition for the first time at IDEF.
TÜBİTAK SAGE launched a series of new ammunition at IDEF 2021. Among these, KUZGUN series guided ammunition was also included.
Developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and ASELSAN, ÇAKIL was introduced as “Turkey’s first indigenous processor.”
Türksat launched the PeycON product family at IDEF 2021. In the photo, PeycOn Micron is seen.
The Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV), the first member of the ULAQ family of unmanned naval vehicles developed by ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defence, was promoted at the booths of both companies.
Unidef exhibited its Armed Trailer System, designed in line with the needs of an end user in Turkey, for the first time at IDEF 2021.
Active-Balanced Weapon Mount by Unirobotics is being developed as a semi-robotic system minimizing the distortionary effects of the sea and taking the harmony among the operator, the weapon, and the platform to the maximum level. The system was exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2021.
Among the solutions that YALTES highlighted at IDEF 2021 were console solutions for submarines.
The new version of YAVUZ truck-mounted howitzer, developed by YOL-BAK under the main contractor of MKE, was exhibited in the open area.

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