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İNDES Engineering-ASELSAN UGES Collaboration Delivers 200 Products in One Year

by MSI

İNDES Engineering’sproduct partnership cooperation with ASELSAN Transportation, Security, Energy, Automation and Healthcare Systems (UGES) Sector Presidency has completed its first year. The cooperation has achieved successful and sustainable results within the last 1 year, already delivering nearly 200 products to their end users. These products that have been used in various parts of the world continue to perform effectively in the field.

The cooperation agreement signed on 10 January 2020 regarding the product partnership, covers three different product families developed for life support and security system needs. This partnership, brings the engineering, high-tech product development, quality management capabilities and brand value of ASELSAN together with the development, manufacturing and marketing capabilities of İNDES Engineering and is focused on the development, manufacturing and sale of products and systems addressing such needs based on indigenous resources.

Melih Özkan, Founder and Chairman of the Board of İNDES Engineering, stated that the two companies were setting an example for the sector, adding: “ASELSAN and İNDES Engineering, working in cooperation, are offering effective solutions to end users. The distance we have come over the past year makes us proud and excited for the future. I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again to ASELSAN executives and employees working together with us, and regarded as part of our team.”

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