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INTERPREYO Engineering Sets Its Sights on the Defence and Aerospace Sector with Its Electro-Optical Products

by Can Kılınç

Founded in January 2022, INTERPREYO Engineering aims to be involved in all processes related to military-grade imaging and laser applications, including optical, optomechanical, electro-optical, and device-level applications, and stand out in the sector with its value-added products. The company is built upon 15 years of experience in the defence and aerospace sector, and its current team consists of personnel experienced in design and technical applications. INTERPREYO Engineering’s arsenal includes the “Trioptics Opticentric” device, a rare sight in Turkish companies, along with a fume hood, chemical cabinet, laminar flow cabinet, oven, storage cabinet, and workbench, regarding optical and electro-optical workflows. The company’s expert staff can produce prototypes of designed products using this technical infrastructure and, after conducting necessary tests, make revisions based on the collected data.

The company’s Trioptics Opticentric device is used for optical alignment, particularly for the calibration and rapid measurement of sequential lens systems. The company’s double-sided vertical autocollimator can take measurements from both sides simultaneously, and prepare reports like modulation transfer function (MTF). Results from these efforts are then used to measure the alignment processes during the assembly of optical components as well as the compliance of surface quality with specifications.

INTERPREYO Engineering’s lab includes a Class 10,000 cleanroom, a room that meets international cleanliness standards by eliminating factors such as odour, dust, particles, and microorganisms while maintaining specific temperature, pressure levels, and noise levels, which is crucial for laser optics efforts.

INTERPREYO Engineering’s lab includes various devices, including Trioptics Opticentric.

Yüksel Yüksel, the Founder and CTO of INTERPREYO Engineering, shared the following on the company’s establishment: “The importance of electro-optical devices used for threat detection, identification, recognition, reconnaissance, surveillance, distance measurement, targeting and other purposes in the defence and aerospace sector is increasing day by day. Türkiye also expends significant resources in this field, to overseas companies and organisations. We aim to reduce imports and later focus on exports by developing domestic and original products in this niche field of electro-optical applications. We established INTERPREYO Engineering with this motivation, and we have the required design, analysis, production, and verification capabilities, along with the production of subcomponents, subsystems, and finished goods.

Since its establishment, INTERPREYO Engineering has managed to develop numerous products at a rapid pace, and the company is actively spending efforts for developing new products and enhancing existing ones.

6x Monocular Laser Rangefinder

The company’s laser rangefinder is equipped with a domestic transmitter and receiver integrated readout/driver circuit and a 6x magnification optic and operates at 905 nm wavelength. It is capable of measuring distances over 3 km in outdoor environments, even in cloudy and foggy environments. The laser rangefinder is based on a pulsed diode and SiPM detector architecture without any cavity/resonator inside, and the company staff is hard at work to extend the device’s range to 5 km.

75 mm Manual Focus LWIR Thermal Lens

This offering from INTERPREYO Engineering can be used as a mini thermal weapon sight on a rifle or any kind of firearm, in both daylight and low light conditions thanks to its DLC-coated outer optical surfaces. The product is waterproof up to 1 metre and has a dual-lens design, which provides the highest transmittance and lowest weight in its class. The lens also features manual focus adjustment for near and far distances.

75 mm Athermal LWIR Lens

INTERPREYO Engineering’s 75mm Athermal LWIR Lens offers high performance and maximum transmittance with its dual-lens design and accomplishes that with a lightweight design. These features allow the device to provide users with high resolution at huge distances, even in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, thanks to its passive athermal operating principle, this lens always delivers a focused image regardless of temperature variations, without requiring any user adjustments. This lens also can be integrated into land- and air-based electro-optical systems as a fixed-focus reconnaissance/surveillance thermal lens.

Optical Laser Seeker Head

INTERPREYO Engineering aims to transform standard munitions that can be launched from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles into smart munitions with this product. The seeker head can work together with dial-type detectors, and in the future, it is planned to be integrated into longer-range missiles and bombs. The device’s compatibility with NATO-standard laser designators and ammunition types is another plus. 

Tank Barrel Boresight Adapter

Developed by INTERPREYO Engineering for both combat and firing training/simulation missions for 120 mm cannons, this adapter eliminates foreign dependency regarding muzzle boresight devices. 

Composite Tripod

The company’s tripod solutions are suitable for civilian and military purposes, and have a payload capacity of up to 15 kg. Company officials highlight the fact that this product family is the lightest tripod solution in its niche, and as such, easily transportable. The legs of the tripod can have either two or three sections, depending on the client’s needs.

Yüksel Yüksel, Founder and CTO of INTERPREYO Engineering

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