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İŞBİR Elektrik Aims to Provide Uninterrupted Power to Border Outposts

by Aybars Meric

In the İŞBİR Elektrik’s MRBS’21 agenda, company’s Tactical Silent Generator product family and İHTAR generator that can be used for border outposts and temporary bases were prominent.

Tactical Silent Generator product family consists of various silent generators able to provide different power levels ranging from 6.25 kVA to 37.5 kVA. The company’s İHTAR generator can output 15 kVA of power, and the system can be used for anti-drone systems and general energy needs. The products have a special mode called Failsafe Disabled Mode, in this special mode it runs until the fuel has run out or it is incapable of working. Without it, the generator can shut itself off depending on the changes on various parameters like temperature.

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries was among the visitors of İŞBİR Elektrik’s booth.

Burhan Özgür, General Manager of İŞBİR Elektrik shared the following regarding the generators: “Border outposts and temporary bases are crucial for border security activities. One of the biggest threats to these is being suddenly attacked by terrorists, and they like to cut the power lines before attacking. These kinds of attacks sometimes can last for hours, and therefore, the systems that can provide uninterrupted power supply at a moment’s notice are highly in demand. With the military generators we offer, we meet said demand.”

İHTAR Generator, with a power output of 15 kVA

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