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İŞBİR Elektrik Presented the Generators Developed for AKINCI and İHTAR Projects

by MSI

İŞBİR Elektrik attended IDEF 2021 with its wide product range and presented the generators it developed for AKINCI Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) and İHTAR Anti-Drone System for the first time.

Burhan Özgür, General Manager of İŞBİR Elektrik, informed the visitors about the generator of İHTAR Anti-Drone System

The system developed for AKINCI can work for 30 hours continuously and includes two generators, each producing 75 kVA of energy. The user can utilise these generators as synchronised or with one as a backup depending on the energy requirements. The system was developed with remote-control capabilities, giving the operators of AKINCI the ability to start the generators without leaving their shelters. Likewise, the product can be controlled over the internet securely, allowing the İŞBİR Elektrik personnel to take control if there is a malfunction. The system having dual generators makes maintenance and repair processes easier as well. System’s dry weight (without fuel or oil) is around 5.5 tons, and when housed in its special trailer, can be transported on paved roads as fast as 120 kph.

Ground Control Generator of AKINCI UCAV

The other product the company unveiled, İHTAR generator, can provide 15 kVA of energy, and while it is produced specifically for the use in İHTAR system, it can be used for various purposes. One of the most important features of the system Is its Failsafe Disabled Mode. The generator shuts itself down when it overheats or does not have enough oil, but in this special mode it runs until the fuel has run out or it is incapable of working. Burhan Özgür, General Manager of İŞBİR Elektrik underlines this mode is very important for keeping crucial systems such as lighting, communications, or electro-optic systems working in combat conditions. The product is a member of the company’s Tactical Silent Generator family, generating only 64 decibels of noise. The generator also has an 800 kgs of dry weight.

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