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Kale Pratt & Whitney Celebrates 10th Anniversary

by MSI

Kale Pratt & Whitney, which started its activities in Izmir in 2010, and has since carried out many projects that added value to the defence and aerospace sector, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

In a press release published by the company on 12 February, Zeynep Bodur Okyay, President and CEO of Kale Group, said: “Our Kale Pratt & Whitney factory is a very important link in the vertical growth targets of us at the defence and aerospace sector, in which our group has been a very important player since 1987.” Okyay added that while they had taken their place among the fastest growing companies in Turkey in 2020, they did not see their business as merely a means of making profit, considering it rather as a means of contributing to the country through the achievement of shared goals and productivity, and as a way of touching people’s lives.

Osman Okyay, Vice Chairman and President of the Technical Division of Kale Group, said: “The precision parts we have been producing for the defence and aerospace sector together with our American partner Pratt & Whitney for the last 10 years include new solutions based on the latest technologies. In the upcoming period, we aim to support our country’s global integration efforts in production, engineering, design and R&D by establishing various collaborations with the world’s leading companies.”

Established in partnership with Kale Group and Pratt & Whitney, Kale Pratt & Whitney’s areas of business include the manufacture of many different parts for military and civil aircraft. The company also manufactures parts for the commercial engines including Pratt & Whitney’s next-generation product family (NGPF).

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