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KoçSavunma Delivered the Systems Produced for REİS Class Submarines

by Buse Köse

Providing different sub systems for REİS class submarines built within the scope New Type Submarine Project (NTSP), KoçSavunma completed the deliveries for all submarines to be built. The company announced the development on 28 July.

NTSP includes six submarines. KoçSavunma first signed a contract with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) in August, 2011 for the Torpedo Countermeasure System (TCMS) of submarines. With its performance under this contract, KoçSavunma signed contracts with TKMS for five more projects in the following period. These projects are listed according to their signature dates as follows:

  • Development and procurement projects of “TCM Effector Simulator Type A”, “Torpedo Engagement Modelling and Simulation” and “Launcher Interface Exerciser” within the scope of additional contracts for Torpedo Countermeasure System
  • Sonar Beacon Project in coordination of STM
  • Breathing Air Monitoring System Project
  • PC Network Project in coordination of STM
  • Modem Rack Project

In this process, the company managed to be included in the main suppliers list of TKMS.

Hakan Öktem, The Executive Director of KoçSavunma, said the following related to the completion of deliveries: “We, as KoçSavunma, are proud of continuing to contribute to the country’s defence and the development of the domestic defence industry with our unrivalled engineering and innovative R&D solutions while our six new submarines, which are candidates to be the stars of the Turkish Naval Forces in national and international waters, are getting world-class defence technologies. While successfully performing the user and maintenance trainings that we are responsible for within the scope of all these projects, we fulfilled all our obligations, including spare part deliveries, ahead of time, and completed all project processes with a locality rate of over 75 percent.”

KoçSavunma is also preparing for more important roles in the MİLDEN (National Submarine) project. Along with its competencies, KoçSavunma expects its proposal for the modernisation of the Sonar Fish system to be used in sea acceptance tests within the scope of NTSP, to turn into a contract.

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