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SSB Has Decided to Initiate New Projects in 7th R&D Panel

by Buse Köse

During the 7th R&D Panel held at the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), it was decided to initiate 4 Projects and to make 2 Wide Area Calls (SAGA), as announced on April 27.

Until the 7th R&D Panel, SSB allocated 3.5 billion liras for 104 R&D Projects, including both completed and ongoing projects. The defence industry R&D expenditures, only 49 million dollars in 2002, were multiplied by 34 over years and reached up to approximately 17 billion dollars in 2019. Regarding to this development, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, The President of Defence Industries, has stated, “This figure corresponds to approximately 15 percent of the total sector turnover. This figure is an indication of our industry’s contribution to indigenous product and technology development. We will continue on our way without any compromise on R&D and technology studies with the aim of obtaining a fully independent defence industry.”

The details of new R&D Projects and SAGAs are listed as it follows:

Multi-Core Microprocessor Development Project: The project aims to develop mission computers that will be used in various systems and platforms, primarily military weapon systems.

Aviation Engine Materials Development Program Phase-2 Project: Three different superalloys used in the manufacture of gas turbine engine components and meet the requirements for high temperature and high-pressure operation will be developed and validated.

Developing Functional Transition Material (FGM) Processes with Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing Technology (DED): A robotic system consisting of powder spraying and laser feeding units for the additive manufacturing process with the directed energy accumulation method will be developed.

PEM Fuel Cell Technology Development Project for Directed Energy Weapon Systems (YESS): The project aims to develop a PEM Fuel Cell-based power supply to be placed on a tactical wheeled vehicle.

Development of Swarm Communication Technologies SAGA: Thanks to the projects to be initiated with the SAGA, new communication systems and mission planning software for homogenous or heterogenous swarm systems consisting of unmanned land, surface and air vehicles will be developed.

Development of Centralized / Distributed Swarm Management Technologies SAGA: It aims to develop technologies that would allow to control a swarm as a whole removing the necessity to control each individual vehicle by the operator separately by increasing the level of autonomy.

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