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Latest Developments About Roketsan Shared at The Press Conference

by MSI

Roketsan, which is among the top 100 companies in the global defence industry, opened the door of its Lalahan Facilities to press members for the first time on 29 September. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries and Roketsan officials; shared the latest news on Roketsan which increases Turkey’s competitiveness in the defence industry and is producing systems effective below the sea, in the air and recently in the space for indigenous defence industry.

Prof. Dr. Faruk Yiğit, Chairman of the Board of Roketsan, Musa Şahin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Murat İkinci, President & CEO also attended the meeting. At the meeting, the latest products and future targets of Roketsan, which has been developing technology for the indigenous defence industry for 32 years with Turkish scientists, engineers and technicians, were discussed.

Prof. Dr. Yiğit, who began the meeting, stated that Roketsan is a company that designs and produces high technology and contributes greatly to the country’s economy.

Prof. Dr. Demir stated that ATMACA, Turkey’s first anti-ship missile which recently successfully completed a test firing and then after the final test, is scheduled to be delivered to Turkish Armed Forces by the year’s end.

İkinci, stating that Turkey made it to space in 2017 with Roketsan’s operations, said that they are planning to reach an altitude of 135 kilometers towards the end of this year.

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