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Leonardo to Equip German F216 Frigates with Vulcano Gun

by MSI

Leonardo’s OTO 127/64 LW Vulcano naval gun will be used to equip the 4 F216 class frigates that are being build by Damen shipyard for the German Naval Forces. Leonardo signed a contract with Damen to equip said frigates, and the company announced the development on 29 March. The contract also deals with support for maintenance processes, procurement of simulators to be used in training of the crew, and integration activities of the guns. The contract also has an option to equip 2 more ships for the same end-user.

OTO 127/64 LW Vulcano naval gun is a weapon system with cutting-edge technologies and offers 85 km of firing range without compromising on precision. The weapon system can fire standard 127 mm shells and Leonardo’s two different types of special Vulcano ammunition, Guided Long Range (GLR) and Ballistic Extended Range (BER).

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OTO 127/64 LW Vulcano is already in use in the Baden-Württemberg class frigates of the German Naval Forces. The F216 class are expected to be completed and delivered to the end-user between 2028 and 2031.

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