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Leonardo, Started Mass Production of MAIR Missile Warning System

by MSI

The mass production of Multiple Aperture InfraRed (MAIR) Missile Warning System has started. The system can detect threats quickly and reliably and the company announced the mass production of the system on 1 September.

MAIR proved itself to be able to detect threats quickly and reliably during the tests.

MAIR can detect missile launches and even incoming shots with the data and images from its four or six IR cameras. It can offer day and night imaging with its optional image processing module. Thus, the system can be used in missions such as supporting landing and take-off operations, augmenting situational awareness and supporting navigation in addition to detecting incoming threats.

Leonardo developed MAIR for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, fit for both unmanned and manned flight modes. The system has similar physical properties like mass and weight to systems already in use, thus it can be mounted on platforms without any modifications required.

Italian Army received its first AW169 model in July 2020, to serve as a trainer for light general-purpose helicopter programme.

The first party of the mass manufacture, numbered several dozen, will be installed on various air platforms. One of these platforms will be AW169M helicopters of Italian Army. The delivery of systems produced for AW169M helicopters will begin sometime next year. MAIR will be standard hardware on said helicopters.

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