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PNETWORKS Goes Public with New Partner LN

by MSI

PNETWORKS and LN announced their new partnership on 16 March at a launch meeting in Ankara. Accordingly, LN will become the business partner of PNETWORKS in the public sector.

Ömer Ragıp Özkan CEO at PNETWORKS

Ömer Ragıp Özkan CEO at PNETWORKS, Ali Nihat Kök Chairman of the Board at LN and Yasemin Özdemir Channel Manager at PNETWORKS each gave speeches at the meeting, where PNETWORKS’ investments in R&D were discussed. It was also pointed out that the company’s “SDN Access Point” product will be made ready in the summer of 2022.

It was emphasized that PNETWORKS is Türkiye’s first domestic and national switch manufacturer with a truly original design, and information was given about the company’s current product range, such as routers, network servers and wireless network products. The product roadmap of the business partnership was also introduced in detail at the launch, and it was explained how these products would meet the network needs of corporate customers from a single source, locally and nationally, and in a way that would not be exposed to any cyber security vulnerability.

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