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New Management for MEGE Group of Companies

by MSI

At the beginning of October, two important appointments happened in MEGE Group of Companies. Özgür Bayram was appointed as the CEO of MEGE Group of Companies, which comprises of MEGE Teknik, MEGART Teknoloji and MEGE Lojistik, effective after 1 October. The other appointment was Cansu Karakaş being the new General Manager of MEGE Teknik.

Özgür Bayram, CEO of MEGE Group of Companies

Mr. Bayram graduated Middle East Technical University (METU), Mechanical Engineering Department in 1989 and started his career as a Mechanical Design Engineer in Aydin Corporation West, a company that was active in defence industry in California. He worked for various companies like Aydin Corporation West, Treysan, and Prekons with various titles such as Engineering Manager, Mechanical Design Manager, Mechanical Design and Engineering Support Manager, and Planning Manager. He then started working in MilSOFT as a Program Manager at the founding of the company, responsible for all the hardware activities. In 2001, he went back to AYESAŞ as a Program Manager and Engineering Support Manager. In 2003, he was the Country Operations Manager for Boston Scientific, a company that is active in health sector. In 2004, he was the founding General Manager for a company that would start producing in Afghanistan. After the founding of both the company and the factory has been completed, in 2006, he became EW Program Manager of Vestel Defence. In 2007, as SDT was being founded, he started working as Quality and Engineering Services Director, rising to Director of Production and Engineering Support, then to VP of Operations and Production. In 2018, he was appointed as the General Manager of Coşkunöz Defence and Aerospace. Mr. Bayram, in his thirty years plus career, worked mostly at the founding or restructuring of the companies.

Cansu Karakaş, General Manager of MEGE Teknik

Ms. Karakaş, on the other hand, started her career as a consultant in a World Bank project, within the Undersecretariat of Treasury in 1994, the year she graduated from METU Business Administration Department. In 1997, she worked in the Procurement Department in ASELSAN, and then acquired the titles of Production Planning Expert, Production Planning Chief and Production Planning Manager. As she was working in ASELSAN, she acquired her Master’s in Work Based Learning Programme, acquiring diplomas from both METU and Middlesex University. In 2015, she starting as a Director in SDT, and in 2018, she became a Vice General Manager in Coşkunöz Defence and Aerospace.

Mr. Bayram and Mrs. Karakaş, who worked together in various companies, founded SOR Consultancy together in July 2020.

As MSI TDR, we wish Özgür Bayram and Cansu Karakaş success in their new duties.

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