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MEGE Teknik Put Its Identity as a Group Company and Its New Business Segments

by Can Kılınç

MEGE Teknik shared the latest developments on its products and organisation with its stakeholders. MEGE Teknik is a part of company group with MEGART Technology and MEGE Logistics, both established in 2019, moving further forward utilising the synergy from the group. The company continues to serve its clients within military standards in wiring designs, both in-unit and unit to unit, electro-mechanic designs, prototyping, mass manufacturing and integration of systems.

One of the group companies, MEGART Technology, provides solutions and products in power electronics, power supplies, movement control and test systems. The other, MEGE Logistics, provides various engineering support activities including technical documentation (technical diagrams, manuals, material technic specifications etc.), integrated logistic support and setting up configuration and documentation control systems in defence and aerospace industry.

MEGE Teknik is also developing solutions in power electronics. One of these, 2U21-PDU1DCDC DC Power Distribution Unit (second from bottom) was unveiled to the public for the first time.

MEGE Teknik, known for its wiring products in the sector, transformed itself to an organisation that has indigenous electro-mechanic and power electronic products and can produce said products, an organisation with its own subsidiary industry utilising the synergy of the company group.

A poster in the company’s booth summarised the company’s relationships with the prime contractors in the industry, presenting how far the company has come. The information in the poster is as follows:

  • Airbus – Qualified Supplier (Military Aircraft Projects)
  • Sikorsky (Lockheed Martin) – Approved Supplier
  • Boeing – Qualified Supplier (Military Projects)
  • Turkish Aerospace – Strategic Partner and Gold Supplier
  • ASELSAN – Strategic Partner, Supplier Authorised for Design and Production in Electrical Box and Wiring Harness Products
  • Roketsan – Solution Partner and Supplier Authorised for Design and Production in Wiring Harness
  • FNSS – Authorised Supplier for Production of Wiring Harnesses and Electro-mechanical Assembly
  • TEI – Authorised Supplier for Wiring Harness Products
  • Baykar– Wiring Harness Supplier
  • BMC – Wiring Harness Supplier

New Products Already in Play

Cable braid product family developed by MEGE Teknik, already in use within various projects.

MEGE Teknik showcased its 2U21-PDU1DCDC DC Power Distribution Unit, designed to comply with military standards, the first time in IDEF 2021. The unit provides power to units it is connected to, and protects said units independently from any power problems, with 24 different outputs able to provide 2kW of power in total. The unit can be fit in equipment cabinets of 19-inch size and weighs 9 kg, with 2U of height.

MEGE Teknik highlighted MGB Series Flexible EMI Cable Braids, Power Distribution Units Complying with Military Standards and AC/DC Converters it finished developing for its aims to be a company with its own product family.

Pınar Han Özyürek, Deputy General Manager of MEGE Teknik shared the following regarding the company’s actions for new collaboration opportunities as follows: “In the fair, we were able to inform the organisations that are in aerospace industry we thought we could not reach our cooperation potential with so far. We talked with them about the experiences and capabilities we have acquired. Furthermore, we met with Presidency of Defence Industries, Baykar, Nurol Makina, OSSA and Roketsan. We discussed a capacity increase of our on-going production within our collaboration with Baykar, while with Nurol Makina we discussed our production efforts in the company’s exported products.”

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