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Menatek and DuPont Introduce the Innovation Behind NAZ Bearings

by MSI

In a video conference hosted by Menatek and DuPont on 16 February, the companies discussed about “New Generation Self-Lubricating Joints & Bearings”, explaining the innovation behind the NAZ bearings they had developed in collaboration.

The following speakers took to the floor during the webinar:

  • Naz Ünal, Director of Business Development and Strategy at Menatek
  • Mehmet Ünal, Managing Partner at Menatek
  • Ceyda Kantarcı, Regional Account Manager at DuPont, and
  • Lucie Noe, Application Engineer at DuPont.

For the development of NAZ bearings, which have many different application areas, Menatek carried out the design, engineering and simulation works, while DuPont supplied the linings, which are custom manufactured for each project.

The product has applications in the defence sector especially in wheeled armoured vehicles. NAZ bearings can be used at the connection joints between the chassis, suspension arms, and shock absorbers. The composite liner cloth technology used in the product and its self-lubrication feature requires no maintenance during its lifetime, as long as no damage is sustained. Made of heat-treated armour-grade steel, the product is manufactured to withstand dynamic load shocks of 450 kN, for 200,000 times without failing.

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