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Mesan’s Mine and IED Detection, Training and Protection Products Become Widespread

by Buse Köse

Mesan, celebrating 30th anniversary of its foundation this year, diversifies the unique solutions developed to counter the threats of mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). The number of end users who prefer these solutions also continues to increase.

MEPAK went into use in Turkey.

While the use of MEPAK metal mine detectors developed by Mesan becomes widespread by its highly sensitive detection capability, newly developed innovative detector training systems MERGEN PARKUR and MERGEN TIM keeps the detector operator teams trained and always fit for the duty.

Mesan, who continues its R&D studies and investments to add new solutions on already existing ones, is developing its own unique cable and IED detector.  The goal is to make the detector operational, whose development studies is planned to be completed this year, for armed forces.

MEPAK Has Become Available Domestically

MEMED series of detector family by Mesan comprises two different models; MEPAK and MEMAR. MEPAK, designed for Mine/IED Disposal Teams, was introduced into Turkish security forces’ inventory last year and has been extensively used.

MEPAK becomes the choice of operators with its fully foldable design, solid mechanical structure and high quality of detection under adverse conditions.  Here are the MEPAK’s highlighted features:

  • High detection success in mineral and normal soil
  • Compliance with MIL-STD-810G standard
  • Occupying the minimum space with its fully foldable design
  • The high mechanical endurance optimization with 1.87 kg operational weight
  • Interoperability with electromagnetic transmitter devices such as jammer

MEMAR for Mine-Free Fields

Having finished its design work last year, Mesan has made MEMAR ready for production for the humanitarian mine clearance teams. MEMAR offers exchangeable search head options depending on the field characteristics. Besides, it meets especially the needs of Special Mine Sweeping and Clearance Teams with its long operation time and superior ergonomics. Here are the MEMAR’s highlighted features:

  • High detection success in mineral and normal soil
  • Exchangeable search heads (UXO, Probe, Elliptical)
  • The ease of use for longer times with superior ergonomics.
  • Compliance with MIL-STD-810G standard
  • Interoperability with electromagnetic transmitter devices such as jammer
MERGEN TIM ensures the deminer teams are always mission ready.

Training Systems for Effective Use of Detector; MERGEN PARKUR and MERGEN TİM

The innovative training systems developed by Mesan have also started to serve the end users. MERGEN PARKUR and MERGEN TİM meet the users’ different levels of training requirements based on real time tangible data with a professional approach.

Having completed its development studies last year, MERGEN PARKUR provides advanced levels of training for detector operators. By MERGEN PARKUR, which becomes one of the prominent tools of training curriculum, the operators can detect mine and IED, in any classroom, with virtual reality.

MERGEN PARKUR enables advanced levels of training for detection of mine and IED to be performed in a classroom.

After choosing the map they want to practice, the users can select the desired mine and IED targets to be found in this field. Once the targets are determined, they can be buried according to the desired depths. The user gains the ability to how to detect and learn how the detector gives alert to these targets with MERGEN PARKUR.  Prior to deployment in real field, the operator learns the various detector signals on each target and get used to those detection signals. In addition to this, systems teach how to use detector which yields the operator to use his visual memoryin the most effective way.

Thanks to MERGEN PARKUR, the users gain the ability to detect and get used to the detection signals for different targets.

Another training system MERGEN TIM enables the deminer teams to be always fit for duty.  Thanks to the training system which can train five operators simultaneously, team commander can evaluate the current state of his/her team, anytime before an actual mission.  MERGEN TIM, with the help of a smart sensor attached, measures all parameters of detector movements. It momentarily notifies the operator about the errors (height, speed, arc and wrist errors) both as audibly and visually. All of these data are also monitored in real time through the tablet of team commander who can momentarily intervene the operator at any time. He/she can also analyse the detailed report presented after the activity together with the operator.

Supplementary Deminer Products

Mesan also provides MKT series mine protection equipment for detector operators.

Mesan also provides MKT series mine protection equipment for detector users. The mine protection equipment consists of deminer suit that protects the body and complies with the IMAS 10.30 standard, the deminer visor that provides face protection, the hand protector for hand protection, the prodding needle and the deminer boat specially designed for foot protection of deminer teams.

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