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Miilux OY Revealed Its Efforts for “Turkey’s Armour”

by Buse Köse

Miilux OY, which had its majority shares purchased by OYAK in 2019, exhibited the results of its efforts it commenced with the motto of “Turkey’s Armour”. The company opened a factory in Manisa in 2019 to produce all the steel armour needs of Turkish defence industry. Miilux OY highlights the fact that this factory is the Turkey’s first and only one rolled steel heat treatment factory. The company utilises the rolled steel produced by Erdemir and İsdemir factories and produces 38 thousand tons of product annually. Following are the members of steel armour product family of Miilux OY, all under “Miilux Protection” brand:

  • Miilux Protection 400
  • Miilux Protection 450
  • Miilux Protection 500
  • Miilux Protection 280T
  • Miilux Protection 440T
  • Miilux Protection 500T
  • Miilux Protection 600T
Miilux OY armour plates can be shaped in various ways.

All the members of this product family have the signature features of being resistant against penetration and high levels toughness. The product family includes steel armour that can be welded and shaped in addition to steel that provides better protection but without these features. The different armour products can be manufactured with a thickness between 4-152 mm and a surface area as large as 2,500×8,500 mm.

One of the highlights of this product family, Miilux Protection 280T is resistant against explosions and shockwaves, thus, in service in tanks and other armoured vehicles. 440T is resistant against penetration, impact and explosions and used in the sides and bottom of armoured vehicles for its features. 500T can be shaped, and this allows it to be used for applications like side walls, top armour, and turret sections. 600T has the highest hardness of all the options and as such, it can be used as add-on armour or main armour of the vehicle, but without being able to welded or shaped.

During the fair, Miilux OY officials underlined the fact that all design and production efforts in their armour steel are located in Turkey.

Nurol Makina’s EJDER YALÇIN armoured vehicles uses armoured fuel tanks made from Miilux Protection 500T.

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