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MİR Insulation’s Mircek Thermal Insulation Jackets Enhance Platform Survivability

by MSI

The Mircek thermal insulation jacket solutions offered by MİR Insulation for land, marine and air vehicles reduce the thermal and acoustic signatures of platforms, thus increasing their survivability. Mircek products, which mask the high temperatures generated by vehicle engines, also prolong the life of engine components, save energy, enhance work safety, reduce the risk of fire, increase the performance and efficiency of air conditioning systems, and prevent components from hitting and damaging each other in the event of sudden acceleration or collision.

Outstanding Features of MİR Insulation’s Products

The outstanding features of MİR Insulation’s Mircek thermal insulation jackets include: High and low heat resistance, high tightness, hydrophobic structure that repels water, lightness, easy and rapid installation, project-specific customised design, volumetric suitability, resistance to atmospheric conditions inside and outside the jacket, environmental compatibility, suitable weight ranges, being environment- and human health-friendly, packaging to international standards and suitability for use in all sectors.

The Mircek thermal insulation jackets offered by MİR Insulation, together with the sales and after-sales support services provided under warranty, bring significant benefits to the platforms used in the defence and aerospace sector. Such benefits include:

Prevention of Thermal Signature:

  • Used to reduce the surface temperatures of equipment installed aboard high heat-emitting combat vehicles, thus increasing the survivability of vehicles.

Sound Insulation, Noise and Vibration Control:

  • Thermal insulation, when applied to the exhaust system, also reduces the level of exhaust noise and is effective in reducing engine noise.
  • The soft-fibre structure of the jackets reduces the deformations caused by equipment vibration.

Mechinical Components in the System:

  • By insulating the high temperatures emitted by the exhaust system, surface temperatures are reduced and other components in the system are protected from heat damage.
  • The condensation and corrosion that can occur after the prolonged operation of the exhaust are prevented.
  • Hydraulic locking due to corrosion is prevented.
  • Burnt particles from the exhaust system are prevented from entering the open cells of other components because of vibration.

Thermal Insulation:

  • Saves heat energy by preventing unwanted heat losses or gains.
  • Eliminates the freezing risk of equipment such as oil tanks, fuel tanks, etc.

Fire Risk:

  • Prevents high temperatures emitted by equipment to penetrate into such components as electric cables, etc. which in turn prevents potential fires.
  • In the event of fire, the fire-retardant feature of the layered fabrics delays the risk of flaming or explosion in the equipment around which they are wrapped, and of the engine room cabinets in which they are laid.
  • Mircek thermal insulation jackets reduce surface temperatures and prevent the collection of flammable materials because of the heat on the surface high temperature equipment, thus prevent fires.
  • By creating a flat surface on amorphous surfaces, such as exhaust pipes, manifolds and filters, prevent the collection of flammable materials in the pockets and cavities of equipment.

Air Conditioning Performance:

  • Minimise heat losses during the transmission of hot and cold fluids through the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Shock Absorption and Protection from Atmospheric Conditions:

  • With their soft-fibre structure, MİR Insulation Jackets prevent leakages in vehicles that may arise in the event of sudden cracks, breaks or deformations to equipment, which may be caused by a the sudden acceleration or collision.

Stability of Homogeneity:

  • In order to ensure stability in the homogeneity of various chemical, gaseous or viscous materials, insulation jackets containing heat support systems and heated cables should be used.

Work Safety:

  • Insulating equipment that generates high surface temperatures ensures health and safety of the personnel.

Compatible with All Kinds of Components aboard Land, Marine and Air Vehicles

Mircek thermal insulation jackets should be used on the many items of equipment installed on combat vehicles, anti-riot vehicles, construction equipment, logistic vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, military and commercial ships, submarines, ferries, boats, yachts and rail systems.

A non-exhaustive list of such equipment is as follows: Exhaust pipes, turbos, manifolds, intercooler pipes, Webasto products, shift cables, air filters, spare tires, fuel and oil tanks, flex connectors, sensors, air conditioning pipes, filters, clamps, flanges, electrical cables; equipment used between structural elements such as aircraft fuselage and wings; and mechanical installation valves and exchangers, heating boilers, water pumps, compressors, fresh water generators, heat exchangers, gas and steam turbines, and generators used aboard marine vehicles.

Mircek thermal insulation jackets can also be used as fire barriers and heat shield in engine panels, as a cloth bellow in vehicles, and as a shock absorber on sandblasting robots.

10 Years in the Defence and Aerospace Sector

Established in 2003 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, MİR Insulation today indigenously manufactures thermal, sound and water insulation jackets for land, marine and air platforms under its Mircek brand. Carrying out its operations in compliance with AS 9100, MİR Insulation brings added value to the global economy with the energy savings it provides through its products.

The company, which is a member of SAHA Istanbul (Defence and Aerospace Cluster Association) – Europe’s second largest cluster – manufactures world-class products in its semi-automated facility located on a large area, manned by well-organised staff.

For further information, please visit www.mirizolasyon.com/en/

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