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Turkey’s New Partner in Helicopter Engines: MOTOR SICH JSC

by Buse Köse

MOTOR SICH JSC adds the Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter developed by Turkish Aerospace to its ongoing cooperation with Turkey. TV3-117VMA-SBM1V Series 1 engine produced by MOTOR SICH JSC will be used in the helicopter. The contract, covering 14 engines, was signed in June. The first delivery of engines will take place in September 2022 with a package of 2 engines. The helicopter will make its first flight planned for 2023 with these engines. All engines will be delivered by 2025. In line with these developments, the engine was exhibited at the Turkish Aerospace booth next to the mock-up of Multirole Heavy Combat Helicopter.

According to another contract signed in 2018, MOTOR SICH JSC maintains the engines and main gearboxes of the helicopters in the inventory of the Turkish Gendarmerie General Command. The company is also negotiating with Turkish Aerospace to further develop its cooperation with other fixed and rotary wing aerial platforms. MOTOR SICH JSC is also in contact with other stakeholders of the Turkish defence and aerospace industry.

MS-500V is one of MOTOR SICH JSC’s new generation engine product families. One of the members from the family, turboshaft engine is seen in the photograph.

MOTOR SICH JSC exhibited at its booth full-scale models of the TV3-117VMA-SBM1V, MS-400 and MS-500V engines. The MS-400 is used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and cruise missiles. The Neptune, a subsonic cruise missile with a range of 300 km, is among them. MS-500V is one of the company’s new generation engine product families. Turboshaft engines of this family have a power range of 600-1100 horsepower and can be used in helicopters weighting between 3.5-6 tons. The Turboprop version, the MS-500V-S, will produce power in the range of 750-1050 horsepower. MS-500V-04C/SE and MS-500V-05S/SE can be used in UAVs and can produce power in the range of 750-950 and 950-1050 horsepower, respectively.

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