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Türksat Increases Coverage Area, Aiming for Exports

by MSI

This issue’s cover file is focused on Türksat, a very important stakeholder in defence and aerospace industry, with its satellite swarm and satcom services. Türksat’s satellite squadron received reinforcements with Türksat 5A and 5B recently. Hasan Hüseyin Ertok, CEO of Türksat underlined that Türksat 5B will ensure the protection of the frequency and orbital usage rights of Turkey on the 42° East orbit.

The company increased the communications capacity on current Ku-Band with Türksat 5A and is among the first to offer services through the new Ku-Band as it is recently put into service. With Türksat 5B, Türksat will be able to service a very large area, including all Middle East, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North and East Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, and their close neighbours. As such, it is expected that Türksat will increase its market share in commercial sectors that utilise satellite communications, especially shipping, and that the company will start providing services to an important part of the world’s population with its wide bandwidth.

Naval Systems Seminar Received Solid Support

As the sector adapts to pandemic conditions, the sectoral events pick up pace. The important events of November were SAHA EXPO, held between 10-13 November and Naval Systems Seminar (NSS), held on 15-16 November.

Even though SAHA EXPO was held shortly after August’s IDEF, we noted that the participants of the event were satisfied with it. When we include some sector representatives have been regretting their decision to not open a booth in the fair, we can easily say the event met expectations.

SAHA EXPO has its own Special Dossier if you wish for more details, and we would like to focus on this year’s NSS, the tenth such event.

The event was organised smaller when compared to the other events, and only for two days. However, its impact was much larger as the event hosted plenty of presentations and sessions from Turkish Naval Forces Command and Turkish Coast Guard Command officials that may guide the sector.

Information like this is crucial for stakeholders of the sector to prepare themselves for the future as best as possible, regardless of their size. Specialised events should not be missed by SMEs, especially if they might not have the resources or the manpower to follow the latest developments of the sector.

NSS fills an important gap as it provides a platform to gather information about the needs of the users, so that the sector can make sound investments and develop relevant products.

It is important that the event hosted many officials from Turkish Naval Forces Command and Turkish Coast Guard Command, including Admiral Adnan Özbal, Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces Rear Admiral Ahmet Kendir, Commander of Turkish Coast Guard, and it is as important that these guests visited every booth in the event. The end-users signalled that they support the event fully, held specially for them, with such a showing.

When we take a look at the presentations attending the event, they were weighted towards marketing. The presentation of Ret. Rear Admiral (UH) Ahmet Çakır, Director of Defence Programmes of TAIS Shipyards, titled “Evaluation for Increasing Turkish Naval Industry’s Market Share in International Markets” was different, however. In this presentation, the following advice were given to improve Turkey’s position in the international naval platform market:

  • Development of state power to guide and organise the companies to represent Turkey in the international bids as a consortium.
  • This new consortium acquiring government-to-government contract capabilities from the state.
  • Research and realisation of state backed credit opportunities.
  • Application of approved contractors model in the domestic procurement bids.
  • National system producer companies offering competitive prices to support international activities of the shipyards.
  • Permission to market ADA class corvettes and I class frigates in the international markets by private companies, leading to increased proven offerings to the international markets from private shipyards.

Even though the end-users were represented in NSS at the highest level, and very comprehensively as well, the procurement authorities were less so.

We underline small, specialised events like NSS are as important to the sector as the large fairs, especially for promoting a healthy communication between stakeholders and the development of the sector.

Nurol Makina, Five More to Jubilee

Another guest of Turkish edition of MSI TDR is Engin Aykol, General Manager of Nurol Makina, a company with 45 full years of experience, and we talked about the company’s recent successes. The vehicles designed and produced by Nurol Makina not only serve in Turkey, but from South America to Far East as well, and this has been a good indicator of the company’s successes. Nurol Makina has transformed into a global player, with more than 20 countries using thousands of the vehicles the company produced.

The flagship product of the company has been EJDER YALÇIN in this process, with myriads of different configurations. Nurol Makina also adding to its solution portfolio like the pick-up version of NMS 4×4, showcased in IDEF’21, and planning to bring plenty of innovation on its path to its 50th anniversary.

Mr. Aykol summarises the company’s aim for the next 5 years as follows: “Our jubilee goal is to strengthen our global player role with domestic collaborations. Expanding our reach while increasing the number of our end-users are among our growth plans that we will be executing steadily. We will be also considering the continuous development of technology and the changing needs that comes with this development. We aim to develop parallel to the technology, with our R&D efforts leading to smart forecasts and predictions.”

We celebrate your new year as we get ready to leave 2021 behind, and we hope the new year will lead to all around improvements as 2021 did to 2020. We wish the new year will bring health and prosperity to everyone.

We wish to be with you again, dear reader, in our January issue that will include the important developments of December.

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