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New Deliveries to Commence for the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry, Exports Next

by MSI

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries announced the priority targets for Turkish defence and aerospace industry for 2022. A wide range of products including GÖKBEY helicopter, HÜRKUŞ aircraft, BOZDOĞAN and GÖKDOĞAN missiles, SUNGUR air defence missile system, Pedestal Mounted CİRİT ATGM, ATMACA guided munition, KARAOK ATGM, PARS 6×6 Special Operations Vehicle, Marine Assault Vehicle MAV, KTJ3200 turbojet engine, MERT and MERTER Portable Electronic Attack Systems will be delivered to domestic users for the first time in the year, while plenty of new projects also get green light.

At the same time, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) also shared data on January exports. The sector’s exports worth $306,811,000, a significant improvement compared to the last three years for the same month. The sector continues its record-setting export performance, $3,224,786,000 total export revenue for 2021, in 2022 as well.

As the deliveries of the new products take place, exports may occupy a larger share of the sector’s agenda.

Recent Turkish foreign diplomacy successes are expected to have a beneficial effect to Turkish defence and aerospace exports in addition to the developments on new deliveries.

Türkiye may regain the markets it has lost if the winds are favourable, especially in the Middle East.

Along with these developments, Presidency of Defence Industries announced the fairs the sector will attend. The list, which includes 8 fairs, may give some idea on which paths Turkish exports will navigate.

BeNova Consulting and HB Group Consultancy Start Works to Increase Exports from SMEs

As exports take a greater share in various agendas, the export strategies will become more and more important as well. Export efforts, and especially attendance to fairs in foreign countries without good export strategies often result in wasted resources, as we have observed in the past. We know attending foreign fairs make up a significant expenditure even for large companies. SMEs, then, have a greater risk if they wish to put themselves out there, especially with limited resources, and thus they must do the research very carefully. Consulting someone with experience is one of the solutions as well.

As a traditional Turkish anecdote says: After falling from a roof, people had asked Nasreddin Hodja about how he feels, only to be replied with “Only those who have fallen from the roof can understand me!”

BeNova Consulting and HB Group Consultancy companies, founded by two important names in the sector, who do have the export experience and have fallen from the proverbial roof, are preparing to be a companion to SMEs in their export challenges with their “Export Consultancy for SMEs” services they are planning to offer.

The service aims to increase the exports of SMEs that already have solutions they can export, focusing on creating sales and bidding strategies, and the closing of the sales process as its main support areas to create a difference.

Erdinç Mert, Founder & General Manager at BeNova Consulting shared the following regarding the service they are planning to launch:

“With our sector analyses and observations, we have seen that over 95 percent of the companies, which operate in the defence and aerospace sector, do not have export strategies. As such, we have decided to highlight our export consultancy services and create a new service, Export Consultancy for SMEs, to increase the added value in our country’s production capacity and contribute to reaching our export potential. We believe many companies in our country will successfully export their innovative solutions and quality products utilising a well-developed strategy and mechanisms that follow said strategy.”

HB Group Consultancy, a company recently took its first steps in the defence sector, is a solution partner for this new service.

Bülent Batmaca, CEO at HB Group Consultancy is a name already well known in the sector. Mr. Batmaca highlighted that many companies provide services on export consultancy, but their experience and wide international business network takes HB Group Consultancy a step further and added:

“We started preparations to offer the experience we have to the companies active in the sector and to provide consultancy services on international marketing and sales to them. We provide our SMEs a chance to compete in the international markets, especially those with exportable solutions. We evaluate the solutions in question on ‘technical features, usage cases, quality, delivery time, cost, staff’ first and try to understand if the solutions have a chance in the international market. If yes, we support our companies in every stage of the process until the sale is finalised, including negotiations and meetings where we are also present. We will soon introduce our new brand to the sector we created to offer this solution to the market.”

The Export Consultancy for SMEs service does include a large variety of headlines, from determining a sales strategy to preparing a brand marketing plan, from training to finalising the sale. We will be touching on said service after its launch.

As the developments on Turkish foreign policy and reductions in COVID-19 precautions happen, exports will gain even more of an importance and must be focused further on every level of the sector, especially with the sectoral events starting once again, both within Türkiye and abroad.

We wish to be with you again, dear reader, in our March issue that will include the important developments in February.

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