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NANObiz Will Provide Rapidly and On-site Detection Against Coronavirus with LAMP4U® COVID-19 Molecular Diagnostic Kits

by Aybars Meric

With the LAMP4U® kits which is a high sensitivity molecular test being developed by NANObiz with indigenous facilities, the diagnosis of COVID-19 will be made anywhere, rapidly. The system, which will work with samples taken directly from the patient, can record the result of the test instantly via mobile phones.

During the development of the product by NANObiz which continues its activities in METU TEKNOKENT, necessary support measures of the Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology (TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB) and Turkish Ministry of Health, were put into effect.

LAMP4U® COVID-19 molecular diagnostic kits are designed in a style that can be used directly on the patient samples in the field when required. NANOBİZ is also developing devices that will allow the molecular test kits, which are planned to be released under the brand LAMP4U®-COVID19 after validation studies, to be used in first-level health institutions, mobile test stations, airports, border gates and military units when necessary. With the BİOSENS-Hibrit® device supported by SSB as a Technology Development Liability Project, which is one of those aforementioned devices; the ability to conduct PCR and ELISA reactions at the same time and in the field has been reached.

The NANObiz R&D team; led by Dr. Hüseyin Avni Öktem, Professor of METU Department of Biological Sciences, has accelerated its adaptation studies in order to make the BİOSENS-Hibrit® platform originally developed for use in the defence industry, to be able to perform the molecular diagnosis of COVID-19 with high accuracy on the field and on point-of-care.

According to the information conveyed by Dr. Öktem, LAMP4U® COVID-19 molecular diagnostic kits developed by NANOBİZ can provide high accuracy results in 60 minutes from the patient samples without requiring long and laborious sample preparation. Alongside various benefits like the ability to perform the tests in the field, reduce the PCR test process which normally takes 3-4 hours along with sample preparation to approximately 60 minutes and ease of use after a short training, it is thought that the indigenous system will also provide a cost-effective solution.

Stating that the METU’s existing facilities can be used in the production of LAMP4U® COVID-19 molecular diagnostic kits, Dr. Öktem adds that plans are being made to meet the demand that will occur when the serial production phase starts.

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