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Nero Industries’ ARES Fire Extinguishing Systems Suppress In-Vehicle Explosions in 250 Milliseconds

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Nero Industries has successfully integrated its four main product groups, designed and manufactured with 100 percent domestic input, into more than 8,000 military vehicles and facilities in 22 countries. The company is continuing production for the fulfilment of its domestic and international orders for these products, namely its ARES Explosion Suppression Systems, ARMA Power Systems, MARS Air Conditioning system, CBRN Filtration and Detection Systems, and UMAY Smoke Grenade Launcher and Laser Warning Systems. Concurrently, the company is carrying out R&D in all product groups, and continuously improves its products with high technologies. Of particular note among its product groups, ARES systems have the ability to suppress fires and explosions in armoured vehicles in less than 250 milliseconds.

ARES Explosion Suppression and Fire Extinguishing Systems

One of the greatest threats to armoured vehicles during operations are anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). Depending on the situation, these weapons can destroy even a heavily armoured vehicle within seconds. The ARES product group developed by Nero Industries can suppress explosions caused by rocket-propelled grenades, such as RPG-6s and RPG-7s, mine explosions, flammable and oxidizing hazardous materials, fuel fires, ATGMs or any other heavy armour-piercing ammunition. The ultraviolet-infrared (UV-IR) optical detectors within the ARES systems detect fire or explosions inside the vehicle in less than 3 milliseconds, and the control unit launches the system in 6 milliseconds, activating the extinguisher tubes in under 7 milliseconds. Thanks to ARES systems, fires and explosions can be suppressed in less than 250 milliseconds.

Pyrotechnic Tube

The body and tire fire extinguishing systems in the ARES product range allow fires to be easily extinguished outside the vehicle, caused, for example, by a Molotov cocktail, which is particularly useful when the personnel are unable to exit the vehicle due to other threats. In short, the system protects human life, the ammunition in the vehicle and other valuable assets from damage caused by armour piercing weapons or the hydrocarbon fuels in the vehicle.

UV-IR Optical Detector

What are the Main Subsystems Nero’s Product Family?

  • Pyrotechnic Tubes (Crew and Engine Compartment): Explosion suppression tubes eliminate fires and explosions, and reduce the pressure that builds up in such events inside the vehicle. Explosions, especially those resulting from RPG and ATGM attacks, can produce temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees. Once the extinguisher tubes are activated, they can eliminate the high temperatures caused by the explosion through the cooling feature of the gaseous agent HFC 227EA (FM-200). The tubes, which operate under 42 bar pressure, can discharge the cooling agent in maximum 200 miliseconds, and the rapid elimination of the high temperatures created by the explosion prevents the build-up of pressure resulting from the expansion of the air in the vehicle.
  • UV-IR Optical Detector: Optical detectors detect the fireballs produced by armour-piercing ammunition in vehicles hit by RPGs or ATGMs within 3 milliseconds – before pressures and temperatures can be reached to the level that will cause damage to its surrounding– and send an alarm signal to the control box. Our optical detectorsdetect heat and light energies of different wavelengths through their ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) sensors. If the detector receives signals indicating a real fire or explosion, it sends a flame signal to the control box. The detectors have been designed indigenously by engineers of Nero Industries to meet NATO STANAG 4317 and American MIL-PRF-62546C standards. Our UV-IR flame detectors  have undergone and passed a wide array of high temperature, low temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, corrosion and EMI/EMC tests in compliance with MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461F standards.
  • UV-IR Control Detector: Our control detectors stand out due to their advanced technologies and design, combining the control box and optical detectors in the ARES product family in a single box with a compact design. This reduces total cost to the customer without reducing the performance of the system, while also taking up less space within the vehicle to create ergonomy. The control detectors in vehicles hit by RPGs or ATGMs detect the fireballs produced by armour-piercing ammunition within 3 milliseconds, preventing a build-up of pressure and an increase in temperature that would damage the environment, activating the system within 10 milliseconds.
  • Control Unit: The control units designed and developed indigenously by Nero Industries can be considered the brain of the ARES systems. The Control Unit not only provides control to the fire extinguisher and explosion suppression system, but also makes it possible to monitor the warning, detection and failure conditions of all tubes and detectors in the system with power LEDs. This compact intelligent control unit is designed to suit the multi-compartment structure of vehicles, and can separately control the detector and extinguisher tubes in all compartments, such as power pack, body, tires, engine and crew sections of the vehicle in addition to the other sections wished to be protected. The Control Unit receives signals from the detectors in a compartment and activates the extinguisher tubes in the relevant location, as required.
UV-IR Controller Detector
ARES III+ Control Unit

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