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Nero Industries’ Fire Extinguishing Systems Make a Difference with ARES III+ Control Units


Nero Industries’ ARES Explosion Suppression Systems

You can read the special coverage published in the 79th Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:

The ARES Fire Suppression Systems developed indigenously by Nero Defense Industry Inc. (Nero Industries) is a patented fire extinguishing system offering protection to personnel and equipment in land, air and sea platforms containing new-generation technologies. The company keeps improving this system, which stands out with its high-speed reaction capability. The newest members of the ARES family that have emerged as a result of such studies are the ARES III+ Control Units and the 4th generation detectors.

ARES III+ Control Units Keep Log Records

The ARES III+ control units, which stand out as the leading products of Nero Industries in 2020, are capable of keeping log records, keeping track of exactly when and why alarms and errors were raised in the system. This feature also lets the user know of any pressure, detonator or detector errors that have occurred, as well as any manual or automatic activations of the extinguishing cylinders. ARES III+ controllers can retain the data of the last 3,000 events in their memories and present it with real-time date information. Thus, end users gain a deeper knowledge of the operation of the system by analysing past events.

ARES III+ control units, which meet STANAG 4317 standards, can control 12 different extinguishers based on the signals received from 12 different detectors. These detectors and extinguishers can be mounted in six different zones on the vehicle:

  • Crew Compartment
  • Engine Compartment
  • Vehicle Body
  • Tyres
  • APU Compartment
  • Fuel Tank Compartment

New Detectors are Smaller and More Ergonomic

Nero Industries is bearing the fruits of its ongoing R&D studies also in the field of detectors. The newest product introduced by the company in this field has been the 4th Generation Optical Detector. Nero Industries shapes its products in light of feedback received from both users in the field and from prime contractors, and as a result, has developed a smaller detector with a more ergonomic design.

Nero Industries’ ARES III+ Control Box

To achieve this, the company first designed smaller components, the placement of which was then optimised within the detector. In parallel with these changes, the outer shell design of the detector was also altered. Thus, the ergonomics of the detector, from which all sharp edges have been removed, have also been improved, allowing for a better fit inside the vehicle.

Alican Ökçün, Chairman of the Board of Nero Industries, said: “Two of the most important constraints in the design of an armoured vehicle are its volume and dimensions. Although this is the responsibility of the prime contractors, we have done our best to do our part by reducing the size of our detectors.”

While designing these new detectors, no compromise was made in the detection capabilities of the product. Like the other members of the ARES detector family, 4th Generation Optical Detectors have superior detection features. These detectors can detect radiation from flames and explosions in different spectra in both the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. This technology permits the detectors to analyse an event in two different spectrum slices and to easily distinguish between real fires or explosions, and fake events, like a cigarette being lit.

About ARES Fire Suppression Systems

The ARES system, which is now in use in 22 countries around the world, is capable of suppressing explosions from mine blasts, combustible and caustic hazardous materials, fuel fires, shoulder-fired unguided anti-tank rockets, such as RPG-6s, RPG-7s and guided antitank missiles (ATGM), or any other armour-penetrating ammunition.

Nero Industries’ 4th Generation UV/IR Detector

The ARES Fire Suppression Systems developed by Nero Industries comprise control units, detectors and extinguishing cylinders. The system detects any explosions or fires resulting from an attack or similar source within the vehicle through the UV/IR optical detectors developed by Nero Industries, and decides if the source of heat and light it has detected is a real fire. If the detector determines that a real fire or explosion has occurred within the vehicle, it communicates its findings to the control unit. The control unit activates the pyrotechnic cylinders within the vehicle and suppresses the fire or explosion before it has had the chance to inflict harm on the personnel or subsystems within the vehicle. The ARES system detects explosions within three milliseconds and eliminates their effects under 250 milliseconds. The FM200, HFC 227 EA and HFC 236 FA extinguishing gases, which are harmless to human health, are kept in the pyrotechnic cylinders. The horizontal cylinders are filled with an AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) liquid fire extinguishing agent. At Nero Industries, which carries out its studies with focus on human health and safety, the concentration levels of the gases within cylinders, the speed of dissipation and the position of the cylinders are analysed for each individual project, with unique solutions developed to ensure the protection of human health. These products, which comply with EMI/EMC standards, have also been granted MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G certification.

The ARES Explosion Suppression Systems developed for land platforms can be integrated into all kinds of land vehicles, including such armoured vehicles as Main Battle Tanks, Armoured Combat Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers, Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, Mine-Resistant Vehicles and Self-Propelled Howitzers, as well as vehicles with logistical roles. The ARES systems can also be mounted to personnel compartments, ammunition compartments, the vehicle body, the engine compartment, and the tyres and fuel tank compartments.

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